A Tale of a Calling


A tale of a calling
And I surrender. Gone are the days of planning and ascertaining things are going as they should. All along I’ve carved a path I believe is the right one for me. But, no. Some lives are pre-designed; birthed for a certain reason. That no matter how one labor and toil to design his own fate, he is always lead back to the path he is meant to trod. 
Ever since I knew there was the calling. I followed. Then quitted. Quarreled with God. And granted to have my way. But when you’re called, you’re called. There’s no disputing with that. Things started then to get difficult until I found myself with the wrong people. Groping my way, I asked why; of why things happen the way they did.
The answers came at times vaguely, at other times clearly. But there’s only one answer—that I’m in the wrong place.
After a very long and arduous journey, I got out and designed my own fate again. Yet, the calling gets louder and louder. With each passing of the day, its claws burrowing more deeply into my skin.
No use fighting back. I must do what I was meant to do and be what I was meant to be. I’d been in the maze longer. I give up. And now I allow things to just be.

Faith In The Power of Why

For years I have struggled to follow my dreams. I dream a little each day. Pray a little each day for that dream. Until I was determined enough to pursue that dream head on.

However, things just do not happen as expected. When you believe everything is in your hands, that’s the time when you are tested the most. And suddenly you realize, you are facing the mouth of uncertainty that’s ready to eat you any chance it gets.

That is actually what happened to me. I believe I could benefit from a separation pay that I would receive the moment I resign from my twelve years employment in the finance industry. What took place was the opposite. My kicked out employer denied to me the benefit she gave unto others who resigned ahead of me. This is something I need to settle with the labor agency. To add insult to injury, my laptop broke. Urgh!

With that at hand I begin to feel uncertain as of the moment. Fear is slowly numbing my being. I begin to ask if what I did was right; if I was designed to be here. The what ifs start to surface too. What if I could not find a job in months? What if my husband would no longer receive any projects? So many worst situations loomed before my face. To counter this uncertainty I began to ask for any vacant positions available in our government agencies. My friend gave me the idea too. I told myself it’s just for the meantime. 

But then, how many meantime should I beat before I should reach my final destination? I have already endured a stressful six years staying in the meantime. This time there should never be any meantime. And no second options to turn to. There should never be any second option, or else I would focus my full attention there instead of on my goals.

The best thing that I must do is to focus on my “why.” Why do I brought myself here. Is it just for a selfish reason, or for a nobler one? My first reason is to earn money, yes. I need money to support my children, to send them to school, to live a decent life, and to help others. I live in a third world country where employees earn a meager income despite the degree they possess. And I want to rise above that. I don’t want to stay in shambles just to live.

My second “why” is the very purpose why I am alive. This is answering to what life called me for. This why is what gives meaning and purpose for my life. This is heeding to what my conscience is directing me to do.

As I stand here I realized I am not called to fight life’s battles too soon. I am called to go through a series of trainings like a soldier before a battle. But no, I am not to fight like the soldiers of King Saul. I am called to fight like the Biblical David. I am called to stay in solitude to tend a flock of sheep, to create my own song and drive away foxes and lions that would feed from my sheep. Small and unarmed I may be in the day of battle, still I am able to defeat the biggest giant there is. Because my training would focus on the strength of mind and spirit.

With these realizations, I choose to stay here and not find any “meantime” activities no matter how promising they would seem. For I know, even if I follow the path to another meantime activity, my heart would still yearn to be here with my whole body and soul. My why is so strong it would never leave me even for a second.

So I would stay here. Achieve my goals one step at a time; with the firm belief that He who brought me here would never leave me to wither and die.

Much love,


The Path to Success

The Path to Success

Where does success end?

We all strive for success in all our undertakings. Just like my current state, I am ending my twelve-year corporate job to chase my full-time writing dream. Should I fulfill such dream, I could say I am successful.

But is that the end of it? They say some good things never lasts. Does this mean if I attain success in my undertakings, it would never last? Perhaps success is definitely not the end purpose. It is something that we become along the journey. It is our learnings, keeping our feet on the ground and being shaped into the kind of person we supposedly become.

So if we fail to become what we thought we ought to become, it signifies no failure. It means we got the message wrong. We then have to move on and find the right path for us.

And if in my case I get it all wrong, at least I know one more thing that is not for me. The best thing for me to do is to call on my God for the right direction to follow. In Him I know, I would never go wrong. The road may not be smooth, but surely the rewards are great as long as I never get lost all along.

May you too, would find your path to success.


3 Ways to Pursue A Lasting Legacy

3 ways to pursue a lasting legacy

It is still January, there are a lot that we could still add to our 2017 goals.

I happened to fall in love with this message of John C. Maxwell. It is very timely to my transition from a boxed life to a life of freedom. I am in the process of re-aligning everything in my life. And re-aligning it with my core values is the ideal way it should be.

These 3 ways to pursue a lasting legacy are my guides to living a life worth living.

Significance Over Success

Success is self-fulfilling, while significance is touching lives while we are on our way to success. I guess success is not something of an end goal. It is something that is with us all along the journey. It is doing the right things when no one is watching. When we have done much, others get to notice it. We are then recognized for the things we do rightly. That is when we or others consider our undertakings a success.

But being recognized for what we do does not satisfy our inner longings. It just takes one innocent soul to say how we have touched his life that makes us really fulfilled and successful.

Influence Over Awards

Awards end with us. Influence is passed down from us to the next generation. It is carving something in other’s hearts. It is etching something in their minds that make them share stories about us. It is the mark that we leave long after we are gone.

Impact Over Income

While money is a great tool in managing our lifestyle it is still never enough. It does not mean we stop pursuing it. We still need to earn money to pay the bills, send kids to school and make life more comfortable. However, it should not be our end goal.

On our way to earning money, we should not forget about the people we meet along the way. Especially when they are the very people who put us into the pedestal we are standing on.

We leave our impact into the world when we invest our time and energy with people. Adding value multiplies impact. The people whose lives we touched usually turn around and touch others’ lives too. The legacy then continues.

The biggest impact we could impart is planting the seeds of significance in the lives of others. We may not live long enough to see the fruits of the trees we planted, what matters is we have started something that makes our life worthwhile and fulfilling. This is truly the legacy worth creating.

Let us live a life of significance, influence, and impact!




My 3 Major Goals for 2017

my 2017 major goals

This is the first time I am sharing my life goals for a specific year. I normally am a secretive person. I keep things unto myself. For playing it safe, yes. The fear of being busted keeps my mouth shut. But then again, the blogging world is deliberately guiding my arms to open up. Where then can I find a team of encouragers and inspirers but here, with you guys, who share with me the stuff or the cause I love doing.

The idea too of sharing my goals with you is coined by Liz of Stay Strong, Daily Warrior, who first shared her goals for 2017. I admit, I am a little fearsome for I know I am accountable when the end of the year comes. But a little courageous too because I could no longer make any more excuses for not doing the things I want to do.

At first, I thought I only have one or two goals for this year. But when I started to write the draft, I wrote twelve of them. Such a major difference when you put into writing your thoughts. Things come clearer. But I will just share here the major goals. So, here they are:

1. Work online full time

This has been my dream for the past six years after I gave birth to my youngest. However, I lacked all the necessary tools needed to fulfill this dream. I have no computer, no knowledge, no internet connection. In those six years, I slowly inched my way up to come here. I enrolled myself in an online course in order to know the highways and byways of the online life; of course, to learn the skills and tools needed too.

Now, I am ready! Yes, I am for hire as a blog writer, content writer or social media manager. If you, your friend or someone you, know need some help in content or social media, I might be able to help. You may view my full portfolio here .

2. Write my book

The other year, Darren Hardy asks his readers what is the one thing they each want to do. My answer is ‘write my own book.’ One person comments, “oh, that is the easiest thing to do in the world.” Sure, it is. Maybe for one who is living alone with lesser responsibilities. But how about for someone who is a full-time employee, hands-on mother, homemaker and a wife? Each of this roles must have an allotted quality time. Doing something apart from these roles means having to give up some of the time given to one role. Thus, it is the time that keeps me from fulfilling my lifelong dream.

This year, I need to change strategies and re-arrange my schedules. I am still connected in the corporate world as of now. When God grants me my writing gig, that would be the time I hop into a career transition.

3. Complete my Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) short courses

I am very much aware that I still need to learn many things. Thus, I avail some of the free courses offered by different learning institutions through MOOC. Hopefully, to get a certificate upon completion. That would be a great help for my portfolio. Whenever I get one, I surely would show it here.

That is all. These are my 2017 major goals. With much prayers that God would guide my way. What are your 2017 goals too? Would you love to share it with us?


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How to Start 2017 Right



When I was still in college, we were told by our English instructor to compose an essay about our new year’s resolution, right on the first day of our meeting after the new year.

I never remember anything I wrote in particular. Honestly, I was never a fan of new year’s resolutions. For me, I just have to do what I must do at the moment given to me. A difference in personality perhaps. I used to be the restless butterfly, the curious cat, and the soaring bird. I do things at the spur of the moment. There was just one laid back of this attitude, though. When faced with difficulties, it was easier for me to steer the other way. In short, I chose flight over fight.

Now, it is the new year again. And I need to re-align my priorities because I am no longer alone in my path. I have my family with me on this journey. Thus, I need to adjust my choices if I were to have a happy family.

So, I come to look closely at things on how to really start 2017 that could lead me to achieve my life goals. I found the following tips helpful.

But before everything else, I must make sure that I am well-prepared to do these important things. Preparation before taking a major leap includes letting go of the things in the past year that no longer matters; being well-rested enough inside out to ensure I am very much ready to tackle the things that I need to do in this brand new year. Thus it would take for me a few days before doing the following:

  1. Be clear. Have a clear idea of what it is you want. Whether it would be starting a health regimen or losing weight.
  2. Know the reason behind. This is the “why” of what you do. This is the very reason why you want to do the thing you want to do. This is the reason you hold on to when you face challenges along the way.
  3. Be specific. This is your desired end result. Here, the “how” comes into the picture. You must plan out the details on how to achieve what you want.
  4. Be committed. Stick to the outcome. This is the hard part of it. Almost all the people have the best plan for their life. The difference lies in sticking into it. It requires much discipline to stay committed to your goals. You must be tough in pursuing the things you want.
  5. Write it down. They say you are likely to get things done when you write it on paper. I believe so.
  6. Track your progress. Goals that are written clearly and specifically are bound to be achieved one day at a time. Set a specific time for each step. From here, it is easier to do things one step at a time and track how far you have come.
  7. Create accountability partners. These are your fans, your cheerleaders. They are there to cheer you up when times are tough and celebrate with you in your little achievements.

The above steps may look easy, but starting it out is enough challenge. Well, I would be applying it in my following posts since I am now into creating my own new year’s resolutions.

And, oh, I have to share my big goals for this year too. Liz of Stay Strong, Daily Warrior is one of my accountability partners!

Cheers to 2017!


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