Why Writing Gives Me Much Pleasure


As I ponder on the word pleasure, writing is the second word that comes to mind. Why is writing pleasurable for me? Let me cite some reasons:

I know myself more

Getting to know oneself is a lifetime process. My mind is such a bundle of a mess, processing the idea of myself. Other people’s opinion and my opinion get tangled. Sometimes I act not according to myself but according to how others want me. But, when I put everything into writing, like journal writing, I kind of know myself more a little bit.

Ideas come clearer

Most often I sit down with just a vague idea. But when the words start to flow, it comes clearer and clearer. I then come to know that I write not because I know something, but I write in order to know what I need to know.


I love writing. However, the greatest challenge I face is the time given to write. It has been twenty years or so that I tell myself I would become a writer one day and publish my own book. I have never published one yet; because of my failure to dedicate myself to it. So every time I post something here, I feel victorious for overcoming a day’s challenge to write.

Connections and inspirations

When I started writing I never thought other people would read my posts and come to love it. Because what I had in mind was just to lay down what I know, know what I need to know, and from there see where this is going to lead me. Thus, I am so much grateful to my readers and fellow bloggers who also share their thoughts and give inspiring comments, making my journey much easier and more pleasurable. The inspiration we give and receive are nurturing each others’ souls.

At times, I think of giving up my post a day blogger challenge because it is taking much of my free time. But when I read encouraging comments to write more, I am inspired again to write more.

Just recently I joined Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge of petraomoregiecaroline.wordpress.com. The challenge made us discover each other’s interests and share some life experiences from our comments to each other. We motivate and inspire each other. Furthermore, the challenge made me discover once again the beauty of the sunrise and the morning freshness of nature. I used to do my exercise indoors. With the challenge, I get to go outside and take a walk with my kids which also serves as our bonding for the day. Thus, I am grateful so much for Caroline and for my fellow bloggers for inspiring me more to live a meaningful life.

Connections such as these are so hard to ignore.


When I write I feel I am a river flowing infinitely towards the open sea; with no obstacles along the way. You know that kind of feeling when the moment you close your laptop you feel a certain amount of lightness inside, a sense of fulfillment of duty, that thought that says: mission accomplished God. Thank you for the idea. It is already out there.

Those are the things that make writing so much pleasurable for me. If there are some points I miss, I may add it later when the inspiration comes.

Have  a purposeful day!


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19 thoughts on “Why Writing Gives Me Much Pleasure

  1. i share your sentiment. 🙂 nothing beats writing. ❤

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  2. You are so on point. Keep writing, keep letting it flow. ☺

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  3. It’s usually not easy to know what we can do until we try.

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  4. Your passion for writing certainly glows in the way your words flow freely, your point and message containing something meaningful, buoyant in thought, rich with substance and context. I enjoy reading what you write because it gives my spirit something to chew on and appreciate, and because I can tell your writing does something for you as well; you are not aimlessly and meaninglessly prodding away at your keyboard. And that is noticeable in your writing. Looking forward to more!

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  5. I like your reasons for why you like to write. I love writing too mainly just for fun. Whenever I go on vacation, I always keep a diary in order to remember what happened. I feel like when I write I get to know myself more and I feel as if I am writing to my inner self. I didn’t realize I was writing to my inner self until I started my blog. I feel as if when I blog, I am getting to know myself better. It is telling me I know more about myself then I think I am. I figured that out because when write, my thoughts become calmer. I am a strong spiritual person and really love musicals and when I write out what I know about each, I realize I know about each of them then I think. Just keep on writing

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  6. I will keep writing. Blogging is more fun then I thought it would be. I didn’t even want to start one, but decided to give it a try after so many people asked me to start one

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  7. I love this post! Nothing quite beats the ability to get to the point in writing where words flow freely! Well-said!

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  8. Thank you sooo much for your support and for your contribution to Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge. I feel so honored to be mentioned in this article and its my pleasure to be connected with you. I hope you will publish your book on day. I have the same dream, I have started writing my book and I use blogging as tool to improve my writting. Believe me, one day you will write your book and it will be so easy to sell it, because we, your readers, would love to read it. So count me in, I am one of your first potential buyer and reader of your book. Keep the good work on your blog. I love it!

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    • Thank you very much! This is the most awesome encouragement I ever received. I am so glad to receive this push. Your challenge did help me a lot to see things with fresh new eyes. I am happy to know that you are starting to write your own book too. I am praying to God to help me materialize my unwritten book. May we achieve our dreams soon. 🙂

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