8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

  1. Beautiful….

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  2. I am all with you on the experience thing. My photos are often secondary to the experience I had.

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  3. Love your take on this challenge. So true that butterflies are not all that hard to find, but they usually like to fly away before we can get close and say hi. Maybe they are shy and take time to get comfortable with us. Such a lovely shot and maybe this little brown butterfly wanted to be friends with you 🙂

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    • Thanks Mabel! You are so right. It took me thrice to get closer and finally it became nice and I got my shot. After so many shots, the fella still did not fly. So I tried to touch its legs. It then flew after a sec. That was the first time I touched a butterfly. And it left me so thrilled.😊

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  4. That’s one gorgeous capture … I have tried similar but they spook and fly off just milliseconds before I hit the release (I have a splendid collection of empty leaf shots). Well done~!

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