Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

I have so much fascination with water. But among them all, what tickle most my childlike heart, are droplets. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

I love to see droplets after each rain, or the moisture on top of leaves  early in the morning.

weekly photo challenge: h2o

For me they are glistening diamonds, exposing its delicate beauty for me to behold.

weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

  1. Wow ! A moment lasting with a drop. 😊

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  2. Great pictures! I have an infatuation of anything to do with nature that has water droplets on it! You did well.

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  3. So close to nature ! Amazing! Fabulous! !

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  4. the first one is really wonderful.. excellent click

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  5. […] Purposive Writer Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O […]

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  6. What wonderful pics 🙂

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