The Pause

I pause for a while,

To regain my breath,

Inhale the fresh air,

Feel the cool wind…(Read more)

What I Asked, He Gave

  When I asked for strength, He sent forth trials, and I became strong.

When I asked for wisdom, He sent forth confusion, and I became wise.

When I asked for courage, He sent forth storms, and I became courageous.
 When I asked for enlightenment, He sent forth doubts, and I became enlightened…(Read more)

God’s Abundance

Your abundance, oh, God is true.

We believe in the abundance of your love,

Of your peace, of your understanding,

Of your wisdom, and of all things beautiful and pure…(Read more)

Thorns In The Flesh

How I wish my thorns in the flesh are mere nightmares-

Would simply disappear when morning comes near.

No one would know they are there,

No one to make me remember…(Read more)

An Island No More

An island I no longer am.

Finding friends,

Physically I haven’t met.

But in which our souls connect…(Read More)

Lovely Clouds Above My Head

Sometimes clouds make me smile,

But at times it make me cry.

I smile when the clouds form lovely shapes,

Like rabbit, and horse, and sheep…(Read More)

Share The Gift

Not by chance we arrive here,

We are sent by Someone great out there.

He equipped us with gifts,

With others we are to share….(Read More)

Von Voyage

Sad. Empty. Lost.

Such were the feelings that bound my soul in chains.

At night the nightingale heard my sobs;

At daytime the breeze dried my tears…(Read More)

A Beautiful Sight

Birds in flight is a sight to behold.

Just watching them slowly glide makes my lips smile in awe.

It’s nature saying, how beautiful is this world.

Thank you God for making birds and sky... (Read More)

Today I Open Wide


The Mountain

Mighty mountain,

I long to be on top of your peak;

To look down upon the town

Where once my heart breaks…(Read More)

Grain In The Sands Of Time

I picked my pen to write about the grain.

One grain of idea came,

But I do not know how to put an end.

I write another grain of idea again…(Read More)

Grateful For The Journey

Thank You God for the journey that has been.

We’ve been together, through thick and thin.

Never did You leave me;

Never did You complain…(Read More)

My Heart Just Sings

I sing not because I have the voice.

I sing because I have a song.

At times, I sing with my voice.

At times, I sing with my mind…(Read More)

A Brick For A Kiss

Brick by brick I built my wall;

Brick by brick God broke them all.

With indignation, I asked,

“What are you doing?..(Read More)

A Poem For Pocahontas

Goodbye buddy.

I have never really uttered those words before your dead body.

My tears I tried to hide.

So, your passing seemed all but nothing…(Read More)

Never Underestimate Everything Beautiful

Never underestimate the power of a hug.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

Never underestimate the power of love.

Never underestimate your capacity…(Read More)