Justice or Mercy?

Justice or mercy
Years ago, I had a productive argument with my best friend. She asked me for my preference between justice and mercy. I chose mercy over justice. While she preferred justice over mercy.
She then pointed out to me: What would happen if criminals wouldn’t be convicted, instead, they’d be forgiven? That would be a bad case, I conceded with her.
In the course of our exchange of views, we arrived at a story of a mother whose son faced a pending punishment due to a robbery case charged against him. The son must deal with the disciplinary action. The mother, however, appealed to the person to whom her son committed the crime. She pleaded that her son would be forgiven. What her son did was unacceptable. But as a mother, she loved him unconditionally and also suffered the way her son did. Thus, she asked that her son might be given a chance for a new life.
In this scenario, I told my friend that mercy could work wonders in this son’s life. On the contrary, she insisted that the son must face the punishment due to him that he might learn his lessons well.
Could justice save our world? I know that laws are needed and meant to carry justice. When justice is not pushed through, many people would relentlessly commit all kinds of crimes. But then we also need mercy, forgiveness, and love. In some cases, the value of mercy may apply best than pursue justice.
All cultures and beliefs have laws to be followed to ensure self-preservation. But then we must not underestimate the power of mercy, and traces of love. As far as I know, love is the only weapon that melts the hardest of hearts and disarms the heavily guarded individual.
So the next time we were to choose between justice and mercy, may we choose the best part.

8 thoughts on “Justice or Mercy?

  1. This is a tough one- an easy choice if you’re on the receiving end. A blend of both would be ideal. Great post🙂

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  2. Justice or mercy. Nice dilemma and a good debate topic. I assent to your conjecture about the mercy, and your friends opinion about justice. Personally, I choose hope, if you hope that justice will prevail it shall, if you hope for mercy to be shed, it shall be done. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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  3. Love this post!!! It is easy to get justice but mercy is a high road. I am going into a career field of justice for people. I hope that there are moments of mercy in what I practice as well.

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