The Flame

The Flame

In deep slumber I was,

Lying at ease,

Carried by the humdrum

of everyday.

But life was such

an enigmatic beauty.

At first, it was a spark,

Followed by bursts of fire,

‘Til it became a flame—

A flame I could not extinguish.

On and on it burned.

Burned my peace,

And ignited a longing.

The rope of monotony snapped.

Okay,  I said finally.

Write I must,

But with a prayer I pleaded,

“Just please guide me God,

or else, the flame

would just die to naught.”



Forever Grateful


From the depths of the pit that entrapped me,

You held my hand as I slowly inched myself up.

You cleared my mind,

You took the spoils that were all over me.


I squinted my eyes,

That are used to seeing the darkness;

That I may see the beauty of the One,

Who comforted me, saved me, and loved me as I am.


You are always at the watch;

Lest again I stumble and fall.

Forever You hold my hand;

Forever to You I am grateful.


(WP Daily Prompt: darkness)



An Island No More


An island I no longer am.

Finding friends,

Physically I haven’t met.

But in which our souls connect.

Is it because of the Internet?

A very big yes.


In the deeper scheme of things,

Someone mighty out there

Makes all things possible:

From man landing on the moon

To connecting people

All over the globe.

He makes you and me.

No longer an island are we.

(WP Daily Prompt: island)

Lovely Clouds Above My Head


Sometimes clouds make me smile,

But at times it make me cry.

I smile when the clouds form lovely shapes,

Like rabbit, and horse, and sheep.

Or even when it’s scattered,

Like cottons above my head.


When the clouds are too thick;

And cover the world in gloom,

My heart also feels the dread.

When I long for the sun,

But it’s only typhoon that comes.

Sometimes too,

When it’s my world that’s filled with gloom;

I just have to look up,

To see the sun shining above,

And the clouds spreading

Like arms full of love.

Then my soul finds its rest.


(WP Daily Prompt: clouds)

Share The Gift


Not by chance we arrive here,

We are sent by Someone great out there.

He equipped us with gifts,

With others we are to share.

‘Tis the gift we need to discover,

That our mission we might fulfill,

The very purpose why we are here.

Thus we need not deprive our self,

Of living each moment we could get.

Fretting not, worrying not.

Our life we must live,

Our gifts we must share.

That we may leave something-

That to all eternity may brighten.

(WP Daily Prompt: deprive)

Von Voyage


Sad. Empty. Lost.

Such were the feelings that bound my soul in chains.

At night the nightingale heard my sobs;

At daytime the breeze dried my tears.

What would I do?

Where would I go?

Those questions vibrated in the deepest part of me.

Then one day, one good fellow told me:

“Get up, your life is yours to take;

You’re not at the mercy of someone’s cruel schemes.

Look at yonder and beyond,

There’s a land flowing with milk and honey;

It’s yours to take, if you just believe.”

I did believe.

And prepared everything for the journey.

I grabbed time and effort;

Armed myself with determination and will.

This time I would never get lost.

So then I embarked on my journey.

And ’til now I am still in the middle of the sea,

Readjusting my sails,

Fighting with  the waves and storms,

Getting strong and developing much grit.

Determined to arrive one day,

At the land flowing with milk and honey.

One day I will….

(WP Daily Prompt: voyage)



The Mountain


Mighty mountain,

I long to be on top of your peak;

To look down upon the town

Where once my heart breaks.
To you I long to seek refuge,

To breath the fresh air,

Open wide my arms,

Without doubts or fears.
I would then shout,

‘Til my throat hurts,

And my voice fades,

‘Til the birds leave their nests.
Then I would hear,

The voice that shouts back at me.

And I would remember,

What I give, I receive back.
‘Tis the lesson I would bring,

When I get back to town.

With a fresher outlook,

‘Tis a better me I’m bringin’ down.


(WP Daily Prompt: Mountain)