WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow



Last Monday I joined with my cousins to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at Siaton, Neg. Or. It is in another province located at an island next to ours. They said, one resident who is a cancer patient shouldered the expenses of building the shrine. According to her, the blessed virgin appeared to her in a dream and asked her to build this shrine in honor of the blessed mother. Thus it was built. However, she died before seeing this shrine into its completion.

The shrine is located on a hill. And it could be seen from the road.

I am fascinated by the narrow pathway that zigzag its way up. We could not see what is ahead of us while walking along this pathway because of the thick bushes alongside it. We turn left. We turn right. When we reach the top, oh, wonderful. The air is so fresh. And there is a designated place where we could burn candles and offer prayers.

When I took the photos of the pathway I told myself: maybe I could use these photos for a future WP Weekly Challenge. And I did in less than a week. 😉

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Weekly Photo Challenge)


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