WPC: Wish

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Like any other loving mothers, my greatest wish for my two sons is that they’d be genuinely happy in everything they do and in whatever situation they are in.

If I could, I would have them be free of life’s bruises and problems. If possible, no tear may fall upon their eyes and no questions may hunt their young minds. If I could just spare them from the harsh realities of life, that I would certainly do.

However, if that would come true, I’d be the most unfair mother of all. For I cannot teach my children to be strong when they are not faced with their own weaknesses. I cannot teach them trust when they are not confronted with doubts. And I could not give them the right answers when they fail to see the nuances of things.

I may be the most hurt when they are hurt, or in pain. But I also have to endure the pains of a mother that never stop even after childbirth. My two hands are ever ready to embrace them in every fall or victory that may come their way.

And I could only pray, like any mother out there, that my Maker would always cast His loving guidance upon my two beautiful sons.


Weekly Photo Challenge




Main entrance of our town’s church.


Developing Your Eye 1, Day 10: Architecture — Go Monochrome

Completed all ten lessons!  Excited to do the Part 2 of the course. But I would do it probably after the company Christmas party. I am just too busy these days.

I miss writing articles too. Since we are now in the last month of the year, I am contemplating on doing something different in this blog for the upcoming year. Maybe, have one topic each month? And explore that topic in a different light, using different perspectives and various media.

I will just see what I can come up with. Hopefully, it would be something that inspires all of us still.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for still being with me: for the likes, the comments, and the shares. You just do not know how you make me smile and how your presence warms my heart.