A Journey With God

Life is a journey. We know this since we come into awareness of this world. Life is not just acquiring material things, having good education, good friends, comfortable house…

best school ever

The Best School Ever

There is one beautiful school I know which has the following regulations:

  • There is no required passing grade. For there is no grading system.
  • It is you who have to grade yourself according to how aware you are of your performance.

to quit or not to quit

To Quit or Not To Quit?

One common scenario in a corporate world: the employer calls, looks for a specific employee and when she answers the phone, the employer bombards her with filthy words without caring about the listener’s emotions.


Unmasking Our True Selves

Facade. At some point in our life we use them; to conceal a pain, a tear, an anger, or maintain gracefulness, or just show off some strength.

self-preservation on the line

Self-preservation on the Line

Years ago someone added me in a Facebook community. This community tackled the political issues in our province. At that time our province was divided mainly by two political parties. Hence, each party had supporters; not just plain supporters but supporters who were willing to fight with gritted teeth for their party. I also supported one party because I was a registered voter.

behind the smile-purposivewriter

Behind The Smile

I may be smiling on the surface but deep within my heart is bleeding. This is a scenario I had been into for many a million times throughout my lifetime. A scenario I have come to…


9 awesome benefits of smiling

9 Awesome Benefits of Smiling

The most beautiful ornament you carry is the smile on your lips…


Gretchen Rubin to the Rescue of My Urgh Day

As I opened my window to look at the rays of sunrise up in the sky, I was sad to see nothing. The weather was windy. I should have been happy because it’s my favorite weather.

the story of juan-complicate

The Story of Juan

Juan was a local fisherman who lived in a tiny yet beautiful island. One hot summer day, Juan decided not to go fishing since the sun’s scorching  heat seemed to penetrate deep…

chasing butterfliesMy Most Awesome Encounter With A Butterfly

My charm worked so well this morning! I saw this cool butterfly along my way while I had my early morning walk catching the sunrise. I then followed it to get a photo. We had a…

life is not a joke

Life Is Not A Joke

If life were a joke, I would love it to be that way.  You see, as I look at my life, it seems seventy percent had been wasted to aches and pains and only thirty percent did I live…

wp daily prompt: luxury

Live Fully

The feeling of incompleteness will always be with us. Something will always be lacking because like road projects, we are under construction. At least in this life, we will never be…


Every living thing has a craving. I created my garden to fill my craving of seeing beautiful flowers. The creatures above come to my garden to fill a craving…

Imagine that you are alone in an island. Not quite new, right? We always see this picture or image or scene in a movie where the lead…(Read more)

Ronnie Enriquez Ablong's photo.

The Cracks Of Life

(This is a reflection of our Parish priest, Fr. Ronnie Ablong which he originally posted in his  personal FB account. I find it worth…(Read more)




What Drives You?

More than a decade ago, a partner of mine loved to stalk everything I do. Once he opened my journal and read my notes…(Read more)



  Almost everything now is unpredictable: the people, the events, the weather. I do not know in other parts of the globe; but in…(Read more)




A Journey With God

Life is a journey. We know this since we come into awareness of this world. Life is not just acquiring material things, having…(Read more)