Home Again


It’s been a year since the last time I was here. I miss the feeling. I miss showing that other side of me.

I’ve been away following a dream, trying to make things as best as I could. That’s why I miss this place, this place where I’m not afraid to fail or fall.

I may not have gone to a faraway place, but I feel I’ve been to the deepest core of every human existence. This may sound weird, but yes, for more than a year, I’ve exposed myself to the ideas of what makes us who we are, why we do what we do.

Of course, I don’t have all the answers to all my questions because I feel I have only touched the tip of my beingness. But it’s enough to make me understand more of myself and more of others.

How liberating it is to allow others to lead us to take a peek of their perspective, of how they see things much differently from us. The greatest lesson I learn is, there’s no us versus them, there’s only we.

I thought I would stay there for long, but after learning some of the necessary lessons, I have to move on to another path. It’s what I feel I’m called to do. I also learned, discovering our passion can’t always be done in one step. We need to follow a series of steps before we’re finally ready to do that mission we’re called to do.

For this, I’m allowing the waters to take away what no longer serves me and to prepare me with a refreshed mind for the journey up ahead.

Ahhhh. So, refreshing… And so glad to be home again.

Finding My Home

Finding my home

Developing Your Eye: Day 1

Hello there! My dear readers, you may have noticed that I am less wordy with my previous posts. There were even days where I have skipped posting. All because I am starting to get busy with my ‘career transition‘ phase; that phase of your life where you want to settle in a place where your need, desire, heart, and soul meet.

We are on the age where earning our bread-and-butter could be less irksome and more fun making us more productive. I am on the process of getting from here to there. Because I see myself to be more productive in the path I am about to tread.

Thus, I may be able to share short reflections and photos while I am spending less time here. But I do promise to post any reflection that would come up from the inspiration within, no matter how long it may be.

Two weeks ago I enrolled in Blogging University‘s Developing Your Eye course. I did not find the response from my email, until I checked out the Social emails inbox the other day. I found all the 10-day lessons there. Since I enrolled in it, I must do it. And this is my first post in response to it.

A bit of coincidence, as I see it. The course’ Day One is about ‘finding your home.’ I, actually, am on the process of finding my ‘home.’ I am both excited and a little bit apprehensive about it. But I must do it. I owe it to myself to give it a ‘home‘ that I can best serve my family and others, especially to you too my dear readers. From time to time I would be sharing here how my journey goes.

And that house in the photo? That is a cottage house by the beach. Someday soon I see myself having my own house by the beach too!

May God be with me and with us all!

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