Mind The Gap

Mind the gap

These past few days my creative juices stop flowing. Frustration would grip every writer when this thing happens. I am. Thankfully, images are great life-savers.

I am not under the spell of writer’s block. My mind is just too stressed to receive or share fresh insights. Others call this overwhelm. It really is. I tackle too many things this time: completing office stuff before the year ends, home-decorating ideas for Christmas, prepping for the company’s Christmas party presentation and taking the necessary steps for a full-blown online writing career.

Yes, I am into bringing my life’s passion to the next level. I want to roll into one my passion and work. Perhaps I would be less stressed by then since there is not much effort on my part. This is the new  recipe I am cooking for my life when the new year starts. With much hope that I could create a perfect dish.

This leads me to focus on the gaps in between. This is the gap that Ben Huberman talks about in this week’s Discover Challenge. This gap is the missing link in the journey from here to there. Here is where the initiative, perseverance, persistence, strategies, actions and the like come into the picture. And here is where I am at this point. I guess, most of us are.

On the other side of the coin are the challenges inherent to every success journey. This is very much anticipated. While it would be my desire to weather every storm along the way, there may be some instances where I spread myself too thinly. I could just prepare myself for these things.

I greatly believe: When God leads us to an unknown path, He would never ever leave us. This is what I keep holding on to. Come what may, God is with me.

May you already found the gap that leads you from here to there.

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Mind the Gap


In The Eyes Of A Child

Do I believe in magic? I do. I see things at times through the lens of a child’s heart. Every thing in nature is magic for me. Every gigantic tree I see is magic. It has been there for years no one knows how long. It is a magic that happens gradually every day.

At times, I also ask: what if  enchanting things do happen? What if time stops for worldly people and give way to magic and spell and turns nature into a never, never land?

Certainly, this tree would turn into a castle.

weekly photo challenge: magic

This butterfly would turn into a fairy.

weekly photo challenge: magic

This log would turn into a romantic bench where a prince and a princess would exchange love promises.

weekly photo challenge: magic

Dwarfs would then sit or play around this mushroom.

weekly photo challenge: magic

I could imagine tiny fairies sitting on this toadstool.

weekly photo challenge: magic

Or perhaps, this fruits are what fairies eat?

weekly photo challenge: magic

Oh, these flowers might be some kind of potion that may heal the sickly Queen?

weekly photo challenge: magic

Ah, nothing could ever compare to this magical place of never, never land!

weekly photo challenge: magic

Did you feel the magic? I still do. I feel I am spellbound… And I guess, I am not a child this time. But your fairy god-mother…..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic


In The Style Of

1 Butterfly, 1 Sunrise, 1 Beautiful Morning


Brisk-walking is part of my early morning routine. Having a glimpse of sunrise is a bonus. Today, this tiny butterfly caught my eye. Its color turned to gold as the sunlight penetrated its wings. As I looked closer to take a clearer shot, its hind wings slowly opened and closed. I did not know what the move was for. Is it grooming itself? Or, is it preparing for flight should I frighten it?

I didn’t know why. One thing was for sure, I had a wonderful experience: one tiny butterfly, one cool sunrise, one beautiful morning. That was all it takes to start my wonderful day!

May you have a beautiful day too!

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Unforgettable Childhood Memory

Music has NOT been my first love. But I do have a certain affinity for the song Memory by Barbra Streisand since I was eight years old.

At the time, singing contests was already popular in the country. There was this one singing contest in a national television show that ran every Sunday. We always looked forward to this show since there were no other forms of entertainment at the time. One of the contestants was a young girl almost my age. Thus, she got my sympathy. I was so awed by her talent because for me, she sang like an angel.

She made it to the grand finals. Her song choice was Memory. The way she sang was still so vivid in my mind. It was full of childlike innocence and sincerity. I felt so much the moonlight in her words. Though she ranked only second place, the song was ingrained deeply in my soul. After the show I ran towards our huge window and looked for the moon. Coincidentally, the moon was full. I looked up at the moon with total amazement and wonder. I gazed at it longer as if it were my first time to see it in all its majesty.

Thus, every time I hear the song Memory, what comes to mind first was my eight-year old self looking at the full moon by the huge window, loving its light and the mystery behind it. To this day, the full moon still left me speechless and lost. And the song Memory stayed with me since then.

What song stayed with you too?

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Simply ME

Authentically Me

The question

Would you want to become a motivator, a life coach, an online guru, a spiritual adviser, or a self-made millionaire?

I ask that question unto myself. For a change, I took a peek at Weekly Discover, and the challenge for the week is Radical Authenticity; that is, being authentic deep within. Stuff like, what you feel, how you feel, what you do with what you feel. It’s that moment when you want to get a mirror and interview that person you see in it. Well, that is exactly what I do, minus the mirror. The question above is what this person has to answer.

The Gravatar

If you have seen my Gravatar before, it was filled with words like a content marketer, spiritual writer and virtual professional. Where did I get these ideas? From my mentor. (I hope he won’t read this). There was nothing wrong with what he taught us by the way. It was just that I felt I was not what he was molding me to be. Yes, I learned stuff, most especially the technical ones. I learned mindset. I was awakened from my slumber. My life began to take a new direction.

The realization

But then later, I discovered, what I do now is what I had long wished to do but didn’t. My mentor shook my shoulders and said, hey, do what you love to do. You do this. And I said, okay, I will do what I love to do; and I will do what you suggest of me. Many of my classmates did it. I did not. I was stuck in ‘what I love to do.’

So then, I changed my Gravatar description into something that fits me well. I just want to be ME. But, it is kind of misleading when you describe yourself to be, Just Me. Thus, I put in words that might perhaps express a truth about me.

The hype

Aiming to be the best version of me might be a hype. As for me, I could say, it is timely and perhaps, a bit of coincidence? I have been through a ‘lot’ for a decade now. Great thinkers and inspirers did motivate me to claim back my life. And I slowly feel the freedom from bondage for being able to look at things without emotional attachments. It feels great to see my value does not depend on other people. It is liberating to be connected with people, yet not a slave to them.

The challenge

However, my freedom is faced with another challenge: not being enough. True, I have not achieved what others may have achieved–fame, wealth, worry-free life. If I achieved these things, would I be good enough? Am I not good enough? Perhaps, the difference lies in our perspective of life. There are times when I daydream of fame, of wealth, of a worry-free life. But then, a part of me just does not cooperate. I am so poor in visualizing myself in these areas. Having those things might be fun. Yet something is holding me back.

As I have stated above, I have a mentor. But I get tired of listening to ‘do this and do that in order to achieve this and that.’I do not have anything against coaches and mentors. Back in school days, I was many times a teacher’s pet due to my obedience and loyalty.

The voice

Now, things have changed. A certain force is holding me back. I could not clearly fathom what is it, yet its voice seems to tell me, ‘Just do this. Trust me. All would be well.’ Well, I keep on doing what I feel I love to be doing. Though a voice at the back of my mind says, ‘Hey let’s do what _____ tells us to do. You want to get rich and have much freedom remember? A dilemma, yes.

The girl

But that girl in the mirror says, ‘Why would you worry about things that are not supposedly for you? If something is not given to you, it does not mean you are not worth it, or you have not done enough in order for you to achieve that thing. Just let others shine where they are supposed to be. And you, little one, just bloom where you are planted. What matters is the now. What you do in the now. Do your best in the now. Be your best in the now. You are creating in the now every brushstroke that would paint a whole canvass in the days to come.’

The unknown

Need I say more? Actually, what the girl in the mirror says is not that clear to me. From her words I could not foresee myself what would I be in the future. But who cares? I offer my future in the loving hands of my God. It is faith that tells me, my God would only want the best for me. So, I let go. What will be, will be.


WP Daily Prompt

Radical Authenticity

A Poem for Pocahontas

(This poem was previously posted on May 17, 2016 as a response to WP Daily Prompt:buddy. I did a minor edit and posted it again for Weekly Discover Challenge: animal.)

never underestimate everything beautiful (3)

‘Goodbye buddy’.

I have never really uttered those words,

Before your dead body.

My tears I tried to hide.

But deep within I cried.

Yet, time led me to remember you.

So, this opportunity I take,

To utter the words, never before said.

And express how much you were appreciated.

You were such a good mother;

Breastfeeding puppies that do not come from her;

Getting lice out of every dog’s hair;

Giving each one all your cares.

I have never seen another dog,

As gentle and loving as you.

I mourn your loss;

Waiting, hoping  a dog like you,

Would come in the days to come.

Mulan had her puppies too.

Yet, none ever show,

To become one as motherly as –

My ever loving Pocahontas.

How Does A Woman of Faith Stay Chic?

how does a woman of faith stay chic?

So I love to watch skinny models walking down the runway. In Pinterest I love to scroll the newest fashion ideas. All because I am a woman of this modern generation where acceptance and fitting in is a must. Actually, I am slowly winning the race of accepting myself as I am than relying on other’s validity of me. But fashion still fascinates me because of my humanness. Any woman knows how flattering it is to be admired by how does she looks.

Okay, let me make it clear. I profess myself as a woman of faith. As a person who believes that my body is a temple of God, how should I dress this body in accordance with my faith and still “fit in” with the environment that I am presently in? Such is a great challenge I need to overcome. The following are the considerations I make when choosing my outfit:

  1. Dress appropriately. This means I need to consider the occasion. The beach is a different place than the house of worship. I need to consider when to show some skin and when not to. The office is still a different place and requires much modesty. I do wear shorts at home and occasionally in the streets. But I do not wear short shorts or the very fitting ones. I wear spaghetti straps in summer. I do not wear any apparel that reveals any cleavage. I hate it when people look down below my neck instead of looking at my eyes. I wear fitting clothes under a cardigan. I wear skinny jeans paired with long shirts or blouses. When the cloth of my dress is see-through, I wear something under that hides my skin.
  2. I do not need the worship of people. Yes, it is so flattering when people call you sexy. But then I do not need people to go crazy about how great my body is. Or how desirable I am. I do not need to show off every part of my body just to win millions of followers. What’s in it for me? It would not bring me to heaven, honestly speaking.
  3. I believe my body is a temple of God. As a temple, should I use my body to cast others as victims of voluptuousness or become green with envy?
  4. I believe, if there is one thing that could draw others to me, it would be a genuine smile. This is the most beautiful part of the body any woman could cast to anybody that would melt their hearts at times.
  5. Any woman could be elegant and stylish in any appropriate outfit even without showing much skin or voluptuous curves. A woman who knows how to carry herself well always stands out in the crowd. It is because grace and modesty are never and will never get obsolete. It is that substance within that makes a woman. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the newly proclaimed saint, used love to draw people to her. Her unconditional love won her millions of followers.

A godly woman spreads a gospel every time she steps out and mingle with people. Thus, she must not block the good news by her appearance. What she is inside can be recognized more than what she is outside. I even met a very simple woman who captured my attention in a chance encounter. She was an example of someone whose light within emanated without her awareness of it. This, I believe, every woman should strive for.

The Bible also gives us guides on how a godly woman must act and look like.

1 Timothy 2:9

Likewise, I want the women to adorn themselves with respectable apparel, with modesty, and with self-control, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, as is proper for women who profess to worship God.…1 Timothy 2:9

Proverbs 7:10
And behold, a woman comes to meet him, Dressed as a harlot and cunning of heart.

Proverbs 31:25
Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future.

1 Timothy 2:10
but with good deeds, as is proper for women who profess to worship God.

1 Peter 3:3
Your beauty should not come from outward adornment such as braided hair or gold jewelry or fine clothes

Our body is a temple of God. May we treat it as it truly is.

Have a purposeful day!


In response to WP Daily Prompt: stylish and Discover Challenge: Outer Layers


Why Writing Gives Me Much Pleasure


As I ponder on the word pleasure, writing is the second word that comes to mind. Why is writing pleasurable for me? Let me cite some reasons:

I know myself more

Getting to know oneself is a lifetime process. My mind is such a bundle of a mess, processing the idea of myself. Other people’s opinion and my opinion get tangled. Sometimes I act not according to myself but according to how others want me. But, when I put everything into writing, like journal writing, I kind of know myself more a little bit.

Ideas come clearer

Most often I sit down with just a vague idea. But when the words start to flow, it comes clearer and clearer. I then come to know that I write not because I know something, but I write in order to know what I need to know.


I love writing. However, the greatest challenge I face is the time given to write. It has been twenty years or so that I tell myself I would become a writer one day and publish my own book. I have never published one yet; because of my failure to dedicate myself to it. So every time I post something here, I feel victorious for overcoming a day’s challenge to write.

Connections and inspirations

When I started writing I never thought other people would read my posts and come to love it. Because what I had in mind was just to lay down what I know, know what I need to know, and from there see where this is going to lead me. Thus, I am so much grateful to my readers and fellow bloggers who also share their thoughts and give inspiring comments, making my journey much easier and more pleasurable. The inspiration we give and receive are nurturing each others’ souls.

At times, I think of giving up my post a day blogger challenge because it is taking much of my free time. But when I read encouraging comments to write more, I am inspired again to write more.

Just recently I joined Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge of petraomoregiecaroline.wordpress.com. The challenge made us discover each other’s interests and share some life experiences from our comments to each other. We motivate and inspire each other. Furthermore, the challenge made me discover once again the beauty of the sunrise and the morning freshness of nature. I used to do my exercise indoors. With the challenge, I get to go outside and take a walk with my kids which also serves as our bonding for the day. Thus, I am grateful so much for Caroline and for my fellow bloggers for inspiring me more to live a meaningful life.

Connections such as these are so hard to ignore.


When I write I feel I am a river flowing infinitely towards the open sea; with no obstacles along the way. You know that kind of feeling when the moment you close your laptop you feel a certain amount of lightness inside, a sense of fulfillment of duty, that thought that says: mission accomplished God. Thank you for the idea. It is already out there.

Those are the things that make writing so much pleasurable for me. If there are some points I miss, I may add it later when the inspiration comes.

Have  a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: pleasure)

(WP Discover Challenge: connection)

Tourists In Our Own Place

Sometimes when the work load are so great and the pressures are piling high, we forget how to live our life. Our minds would scream: hey let me have some space, please! No matter how we push ourselves to still go on with our daily tasks, our bodies and mind would no longer cooperate.

Nothing we could do than surrender to the will of the body. This is the best surrender we could give our tired selves. We need to breath. We need some space. We need to reconnect with our selves and with, of course, our families.


One way of reconnecting is to be with nature; to find some fresh air to breath and new place to get excited about. However, if time could not cooperate with us to go some place farther, we just have to look nearer.


The nearer, the better. And the greater the number, the merrier.


I am lucky enough to be in a place where the tourists go. It’s a simple place filled with wonder and awesomeness.


I have that big dream to be a tourist too in another place. But before I do that I have to soak first in the awesomeness of our place. I got to have that eyes of the tourist, breath the freshness of the air, feel the coolness of the water, embrace nature in all its wonder. And it feels so good to celebrate nature this way with the entire family.


And after such nature soaking and family bonding, wow it feels so good to be at home with spirits renewed and mind afresh. Back again to life’s daily grind but full of wonder and awe.

Have a purposeful day!


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