What Drives You?


More than a decade ago, a partner of mine loved to stalk everything I do. Once he opened my journal and read my notes. When he closed it he smiled at me mockingly, saying: very corny. I titled my journal “Journey With God.” In it I wrote everything I have to say to God. My partner, being a critic as he was did not find it amusing. I sulked at that moment. I was at the most vulnerable stage of my life by then. My relationship with God was what I held on to. I thought, okay if walking with God is corny, then let me be the corniest being earth ever produced. God did walk with me. God helped me managed to break the relationship I had with that person because it only caused me more harm than good. That almost broke my spirit.
We may not went through the same experiences; but those who answer God’s call are always being criticized, mocked and even challenged in one way or another. We are even laughed at if we fail at some point in our life. Having a faith in God is not a guarantee that we become perfect; nor is it a ticket that we will live an almost perfect life.
Walking with God means, we entrust everything to God. We believe He is able to make us strong in times of troubles, carry us when our steps falter and are unable to continue the journey, and save us from pertinent danger when we are less aware. It is not making us perfect; it is making us perfectly calm in our imperfections and tribulations. It is not giving us false hopes; it is giving us a spark of life amidst hopelessness.
It may sound corny, unrealistic or what. But to us believers, it is the most beautiful journey where we would be. The communion with Him is so indescribable; it is what we always look up to everyday. He does not make our self perfect, but He makes our souls rest perfectly on His loving embrace.

May we walk with Him everyday of our life amidst joys and tribulations.

Have a purposeful day!


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