Be Present

Be present

Some days are gloomy, others sunny. Figuratively. But be not carried away by life’s changing seasons and ebbs. They do not matter much. What matters much is your every breath, your every smile, your every tear in each of the seasons.

You’re designed to live a life so full. Universe does not say a full life is one free of pain or sorrow. To live fully is to be present whatever season your life is in. Your life’s seasons is not dependent on your environment. It’s dependent on where you are in your state of life. Whether you are in spring where your life is just budding; in summer where your days are longer and you think only of relaxation and fun; in fall where you’ve matured much and let go of excess baggage in your life; in winter where everything around is cold, like people and relationships, and all you want to do is embrace yourself tight and stay indoors than be outdoors.

Being present in all these seasons with all that you are makes the journey easier, lighter, and real. Be done with illusions. Throw away expectations. Be an avid fan of life. Be bold. Be brave. Be you. Live.


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The Newest and Most Amazing Addition to My Core Memory

The Newest and Most Amazing Addition to My Core Memory


Float. A word that when heard gives you a feeling of lightness and positive vibes. As a matter of fact, I had a wonderful experience with this one just last December.

As our company’s custom, we were to have our company’s annual gathering a day prior to our Christmas party. For this year’s activities, we had a recollection in the morning and the evaluation of each branch’s performance in the afternoon.

Honestly, I never had the vaguest idea how the recollection would affect me. I thought it would be the same experience we had just like the previous years: listen to what the priest had to share, laugh at his jokes, and plainly follow where he might lead us.

However, this one was far different. I could not explain if my experience of the night before had something to do with it, or it was just a simple coincidence.


I was unable to sleep the night before. It may be because I was in a different room with four other people or maybe it was due to a feeling of overwhelm as the long preparation for our presentation contest had just been over. Yep, we just danced earlier.

Anyway, yes I was unable to sleep, so restless. I felt a tinge of emptiness inside of me. I longed for silence. Inner silence. The kind of silence where I would not hear the noise from the air-conditioning or the snoring of my roommates. Specifically, I sought God. I missed God. I wanted to talk to Him verbally. I wanted to go outside, but afraid of being misinterpreted for staying out alone in the middle of the night. I felt so helpless.

Thankfully, I fell into a deep slumber after I started calling out Jesus’s name. That was the last thing I remembered upon waking up three hours later.


So then when we were inside the conference hall my eyelids were so heavy. The raindrops perfectly added to the sleepiness that I felt. The priest arrived. A not-so-interesting looking guy. Tall. A bit slim. Looked intelligent.

Father Ram was gentle but firm. He ordered us (not requested) to go to the comfort room or do anything that makes us comfortable for five minutes before he would begin because he does not want anyone to be roaming around when he begins.

He was direct to the point. And I loved it. I was surprised when he said he wanted us to meet God not because we were told, but meet God for the sake of meeting Him. Cool. I thought, “ah, meditation.” Just like what I used to do.

I began to get worried when Father Ram told us to close our eyes. I was afraid I might fall asleep. That would be embarrassing. His technique was guided meditation with the help of background instrumental music.

With eyes closed, I struggled to stay awake. Father Ram’s voice echoed. Gentle. Comforting. He brought us to a place we longed for. The most beautiful place we could think of. Any place where we each finds comfort. I told myself, “ah, my paradise.” I began to scroll through my memory the image of my paradise. Because I was so sleepy, I only had fragments of it. The rainbow’s colors were not vibrant. The waterfalls were foggy. The grass on my feet was not so soft. Still, I managed to stay there.


I thought that would be the end of it. But I was caught by surprise when Father Ram urged us to welcome Jesus walking slowly towards us. The image of Him walking towards me was disturbing. My tears just fell unwantedly, when we were guided to gaze closely at his blue eyes. His loving gaze penetrated deeply into my whole being; my every bone, my tiniest cell, the darkest corners of my soul. I tried to control those tears because I did not want anybody noticed me crying. But in the silence of the room sobs began to be heard. I felt relieved for that knowledge.

So I continued to focus at the moment, at the blue eyes that gazed lovingly into my sinful soul. I felt so lost in the sea of my emotions. I let go. I could not believe that the night before I longed for Him. And a few hours later, here He was looking into my eyes, loving me, hugging me. It was so good to have Him with me once again.

A light seemed to surround me. At that moment it was only me and Jesus. His embrace melted into my flesh. I felt so light all over. I seemed to float. I wanted to spread my arms and fly. I felt like flying. I was on cloud nine, ten, eleven. Words are too weak to describe the beauty of that moment. It was just so wow!


Father Ram’s voice brought me back into reality when he told us to offer to Jesus all our pains and troubles. As to this part, I was not so dramatic. For I know, troubles are always there for our growth and learning. The only difference is: when we call on God to carry the burdens with us, life is bearable. If not, it would be a misery.

I felt Jesus telling me that He is just there no matter what. He is always there. I need only to call on Him and listen to the silence in my heart where He speaks. That was all I need.


When we were brought back to reality, I felt very much energized. The feeling of sleepiness was gone. I felt so fresh, so whole, so complete—the feelings I least expected.

It was years gone by when I last had my recollection. And I am so thankful for having this one at the end of the year. Until now the positive vibes I have had still lingers. With this experience fresh in my memory bucket, I know a wonderful year is waiting for me.

May your year started this beautiful too. Have a blessed day!










Aim for the Balance

Keep the Balance

On the sixth day God created man and woman. On the seventh day, He rested. Few days after (hmm, maybe) they sinned. I guess, God’s not yet done with them. Thus, they are a work in progress. A work in progress that requires their will to act; and God could only guide.

No matter how perfect our bodies are (two hands, ten fingers, two feet, ten toes, two eyes, two ears, slender body, nose with two holes, perfect lips, big mouth with complete teeth; could see, smell, hear, touch and feel) we have to consider the other seventy-five percent of what contributes to who we really are. The mental, emotional and spiritual.

These aspects of our being are not yet complete when we got out of our mother’s womb crying in happiness for being alive. These aspects are what we must work for from the second we first took our breath to the last second we would give our last. These are the aspects we need to focus on than the twenty-five percent (physical) that is easily seen.

In aiming for our growth, we must be radical. Almost everything around us is dedicated only to our physical well-being. Latest fashion, flawless skin, sexy body, and all the accessories we adorn with our bodies are in vogue. People spent time, effort and tons of money for these things. I am not against these things. It is just that, we must be totally, completely find that balance of the four aspects of who we really are. We were not born bad; for we have the breath of God. We just get lost along the way on doing our mundane activities. The physical is what is easily seen; most often our focus is only here.

There are other extraordinary people who want to find meaning in their life, only to fall prey of other’s wrong notions of the world. They indeed up doing the wrong thing believing it is the only way of finding meaning into their boring life. Thus, chaos, war, conflicts, misunderstanding and the likes abound on earth. Doing more harm on earth cannot give it peace. We could only achieve peace when we find that peacefulness within us.

To find that peace we have to examine our mental, emotional and spiritual life. We have to cleanse our minds from the negativeness instilled in it. We have to dig our emotions and understand each feelings we have; we have to know why we do what we do. From there we could reconstruct our emotional stability. With the spiritual life, we have to understand that it is not enough act to attend a one day worship with fellow faithfuls and give alms to the poor. Hypocrisy is rooted from these acts. We have to swim in the deepest abyss of our souls in order to strengthen our spirituality; for God’s light is buried there and His voice is heard louder in our inner universe.

All of these are not done in one session. Others are even laid to their grave without realizing their true God-given self. This post could not even suffice all that we need to learn, or re-member, or be aware of. This post is just a scratch on the surface. I pray I would be given much enlightenment in order to share some more sparks of the things that really matters in our one and only life.

The start to learning all these things is accepting the fact that we are all unfinished goods: imperfect, innocent, vulnerable. We could only be perfect if we come to realize: our life is not ours for the taking. The bodies we have are just instruments used by the Maker to glorify His name.

May we give time more on our mental, emotional and spiritual life. Have a purposeful day!



Grateful for the Space

grateful for the space

All of us desire to have our space in this world. Every space we own, we must work for. But there are spaces that are intended by people with generous hearts to be given to others for their growth and the much needed visibility in order for them to achieve their dreams. I am blessed to be invited by Sir Ngobesing Romanus to be a part of his Solidarity Bloggers Society. It is a world for bloggers whose blog aims to help people achieve their dreams and become better individuals.

I am humbled to be considered a part of the inspirer’s world. I am doing all I can to give my best shot in this blogosphere. I am here not because I am already good, but because I am still a work in progress. I own my journey and I need you in this journey for no one stands alone. We both learn from each other. It is my greatest dream to stand before the Lord in eternity and do hope to see you there too.

If you are also inspired to share the goodness in your heart for the betterment of our suffering world one post at a time you may click here to join.

May you have a purposeful day!


Sometimes Jumping Is Fun, Other Times It Is Not


When was the last time I jumped?

In April I jumped down from a tree. I climbed a tree at the beach and posed for a photo. After that I had difficulty in climbing down. I slowly inched my way down and when I reached five feet from the ground, I jumped and got outbalance. I tipped over. Cautiously, I stood up and grateful enough the bones were still intact in its proper place and no bruises whatsoever. Perhaps, the yoga practice helped in my flexibility.

The second time I jumped was in May when we took a family photo in a beautiful background. We all jumped just for fun.

But hey! There is one jump that I always do and does it without awareness most of the time. It is not even fun. It is called jumping into conclusion. No matter how much I try to be mindful of what I do or think, my old self still manages to sneak out. I often slip. That embarrassment for thinking otherwise pushes me to get better the next time.

I could never be perfect I know. But it does not mean I should stop from my desire to grow and be enlightened. The rose has thorns; yet it blooms and emanates a fascinating fragrance. Slip happens. We need them; for they are the arrows that points us towards our destination. We just need to have the determination to start all over and over again. When we slip, it means we need to refresh our focus and then jump into the next level of awareness.

Have a purposeful day!


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How Does A Woman of Faith Stay Chic?

how does a woman of faith stay chic?

So I love to watch skinny models walking down the runway. In Pinterest I love to scroll the newest fashion ideas. All because I am a woman of this modern generation where acceptance and fitting in is a must. Actually, I am slowly winning the race of accepting myself as I am than relying on other’s validity of me. But fashion still fascinates me because of my humanness. Any woman knows how flattering it is to be admired by how does she looks.

Okay, let me make it clear. I profess myself as a woman of faith. As a person who believes that my body is a temple of God, how should I dress this body in accordance with my faith and still “fit in” with the environment that I am presently in? Such is a great challenge I need to overcome. The following are the considerations I make when choosing my outfit:

  1. Dress appropriately. This means I need to consider the occasion. The beach is a different place than the house of worship. I need to consider when to show some skin and when not to. The office is still a different place and requires much modesty. I do wear shorts at home and occasionally in the streets. But I do not wear short shorts or the very fitting ones. I wear spaghetti straps in summer. I do not wear any apparel that reveals any cleavage. I hate it when people look down below my neck instead of looking at my eyes. I wear fitting clothes under a cardigan. I wear skinny jeans paired with long shirts or blouses. When the cloth of my dress is see-through, I wear something under that hides my skin.
  2. I do not need the worship of people. Yes, it is so flattering when people call you sexy. But then I do not need people to go crazy about how great my body is. Or how desirable I am. I do not need to show off every part of my body just to win millions of followers. What’s in it for me? It would not bring me to heaven, honestly speaking.
  3. I believe my body is a temple of God. As a temple, should I use my body to cast others as victims of voluptuousness or become green with envy?
  4. I believe, if there is one thing that could draw others to me, it would be a genuine smile. This is the most beautiful part of the body any woman could cast to anybody that would melt their hearts at times.
  5. Any woman could be elegant and stylish in any appropriate outfit even without showing much skin or voluptuous curves. A woman who knows how to carry herself well always stands out in the crowd. It is because grace and modesty are never and will never get obsolete. It is that substance within that makes a woman. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the newly proclaimed saint, used love to draw people to her. Her unconditional love won her millions of followers.

A godly woman spreads a gospel every time she steps out and mingle with people. Thus, she must not block the good news by her appearance. What she is inside can be recognized more than what she is outside. I even met a very simple woman who captured my attention in a chance encounter. She was an example of someone whose light within emanated without her awareness of it. This, I believe, every woman should strive for.

The Bible also gives us guides on how a godly woman must act and look like.

1 Timothy 2:9

Likewise, I want the women to adorn themselves with respectable apparel, with modesty, and with self-control, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, as is proper for women who profess to worship God.…1 Timothy 2:9

Proverbs 7:10
And behold, a woman comes to meet him, Dressed as a harlot and cunning of heart.

Proverbs 31:25
Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future.

1 Timothy 2:10
but with good deeds, as is proper for women who profess to worship God.

1 Peter 3:3
Your beauty should not come from outward adornment such as braided hair or gold jewelry or fine clothes

Our body is a temple of God. May we treat it as it truly is.

Have a purposeful day!


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In Darkness and In Silence

darkness and silence

“Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.”

Remember those lines? Yes, they were the first lines of the song, The Sound of Silence. This song is one of my favorites, since my teen years. It’s due to those two words: darkness and silence.

I do not know why, but let me share something with you, that which is not common about me – I love darkness and silence. It is not that I want to live a life in darkness; I love to be in the dark because in there I feel so much the light within. In the dark, there is no distraction whatsoever. I could not see anything. Thus, all my senses are directed to my awareness within. There is no feelings of fear, which we usually associate with darkness. In the dark, I feel so much God’s presence. I could not explain why. I was just born with this comfort of being in the dark. I feel so much comfort, so much assurance, so much love of God. Of course, it’s a different story when I am out in a dark street. I must be aware of my physical safety. But when I am in a dark and secure place like my home or in my room when the lights are off, oh, it is heaven for me. Much heaven it is when I am at the beach on a dark night, sitting on the sand, observing the tranquil sea or rippling waves, looking far at the stars and into the nothingness beyond.

Silence also is my paradise. I love it most when I am alone and have myself and thoughts all by myself. No music even. Silence is my friend. Silence knows all my woes. Silence knows all my doubts, my confusions, my worries, my enigmatic feelings, my spiritual flight. Silence loves to listen to the shrill cry of my soul. Silence is my companion when all else depart from me. Silence absorbs my sobs and just let me be. I love silence because it allows me to be just me without judgment, without criticism.


However, it does not mean always that when we are surrounded by silence, everything is quiet. No. We may be alone, yet everybody is with us when we allow all their voices to speak in our minds. There would be chaos and restlessness within. We need to clear our minds from voices that are not making us grow or worthy. The faithful says, we need to silence our minds that we may hear God’s voice clearly. When God’s voice speaks we hear how lovable we are no matter what we have done. For what makes us worthy is not our deeds but the truth that God has been merciful to us despite our sinfulness. Our only duty to discover how much God loves us, is to let go of everything and feel that love within. And we need silence in order to fully realize this.


Don’t be afraid of the notion of darkness and silence. Let your soul connect to that unknown path. At first, you may not get it right. But when you do it with determination, gradually you’ll be one with the One who makes darkness disappear and whose voice speaks clearly in silence.

Have a purposeful day!


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Fly Like A Butterfly


So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power; it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body.

1 Corinthians 15:42-44


If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is loving everything beautiful in life. I am passionate with self-development, spiritual development and everything about nature.

We only have a limited time in this world. Thus, while I still can, I want to share everything beautiful in this blog.

Just recently, after a severe el niño in our place and the rain came, butterflies came hovering in our yards. Most of them I could not take a shot because of their constant movement from flower to flower. But they are all gorgeous and a site to behold. My passion for them grows each day as I see different colors and sizes. Some of them were in pairs chasing one after the other. They were like kids playing joyfully.


In Christianity, the butterfly has long been a symbol of the resurrection of Christ as well as the resurrection of believers. The caterpillar disappears into a cocoon, which is like the tomb Christ lay in after the crucifixion, appearing dead. Later, it emerges from “death,” having transformed into something more beautiful and powerful than it was.


In daily life, we also get to transform if we wish to. Some days when we experience defeat and failures, we retreat into our comfort zones. When we are ready, we get back again to the track and start all over again with new zest and determination. This is how life goes until we finally emerge as a fully transformed individual like a butterfly able to soar in lightness and in joy.

May one day we soar in flying colors like a butterfly. Have a purposeful day!


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No Longer Two, But One


bound together

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” ~ Matthew 19:6

We are a blessing unto each one. Whether we are a spouse, a partner, or a friend. Most often we ask God to give us someone who could fulfill our needs. When that someone would come, we celebrate for the answered prayers. The days seem no longer the same as it used to be. But then, sometimes life is full of mockery. We wake up one morning and realize it is not answered prayers after all.

Is God playing with us? Most often the answer is not. All of us has gifts. We bring these gifts unto this world to share to everyone who needs it. There are gifts that are easy to open. We do not need any effort to open it. When we are lucky, the gift just lies on the table ready for our consumption. But then there are gifts which need much patience, much understanding in order to be opened. Others are even elusive that no matter how much we coach the bearer that we open it, the bearer would refuse. This would go on until we discover that it is not us who needs to receive the gift; it is us who has to give the greatest gift of unconditional love. This is what we often forget, that a relationship works best through reciprocity.

Sometimes too, we replenish ourselves by giving too much. Here, the equation is no longer proportional. It is here where abuse grows and take roots. Painful as it may seem, but the relationship has to end. With broken relationships, we often ask why God allow us to meet this not so perfect person, or why a relationship that begins so greatly has to end. We need not ask why. Great lessons are learned from failures and heartaches. From such broken relationships both parties learned something. After such failures, it is our duty unto ourselves to lick our wounds, call on for help from God most especially, and from others who have the capacity to help us without criticisms and harsh judgments. And we must never forget that we come in such a situation because it was our choice in the first place. The one who will help us pull ourselves through it is nobody but us.

Yet, there is one way in order to not fall into broken or harmful relationships. It is a fervent prayer for the right one to come. God would never fail a heartfelt prayer. For when the wrong person comes, it would be full of mishap even from the start. And when the right person comes, he or she is always in the right place at the right time. We would never misconstrue our own timing with God’s. For God is always right all the time. And He answers prayers all the time.

We just have to take note, that nobody is perfect just as we are imperfect. Perhaps there are some who married a saint; but most often our spouses bring with them weaknesses that we have to put up with. For in a great relationship, both parties grow together in sickness and in health, in lack or abundance till death do them part.

Have a purposeful day!


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Take Care: Fragile

take care: fragile

Imagine if you are walking along the street and all the people you meet wear a badge with the words written: Take Care. I am fragile. The nicer ones would probably take care; while the tougher ones would  say, “excuse me, it is not my duty to take care of your mood.”

Actually, human beings are all fragile. It is to the degree of controlling our emotions that we differ. Some are mature enough to just shake off the hurts and think that it is not themselves, but the person doing the hurting who is actually hurting. The weaker ones, the fragile little ones would sulk in silence; while the aggressive ones would fight back and bite the other with their sharp fangs.

We are born with this fragility in our bones. The Bible tells us to be strong and develop muscles that would strengthen our fragility. But it does not say, we are to sneer at the weaker species. It does say, if our brother asks us to go one mile, we should go with him two miles. If someone slaps our cheek, we are to give the other cheek. This instructions may seem difficult if we operate with a worldly mind. But if we ask to be enlightened by the mind of God, by how God’s nature works, God would willingly lead us to an understanding so deep we never comprehend why we do what we do.

Being fragile is no problem if we learn to call on God. He knows us so well, He promised to be always there for us if we but call on Him oftentimes.

Have a purposeful day!


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