Almost everything now is unpredictable: the people, the events, the weather. I do not know in other parts of the globe; but in our country the weather makes us wary. In the morning it would rain heavily and in the afternoon the sun would shine so brightly. At some other days it is the other way around.

It freaks me out at times because I never know what outfit to wear that fits the weather. The best thing to do is to be always prepared. Thus I bring some extra clothes and footwear in the workplace just in case there is a drastic change in the weather when it is time to go home. Just as with life. We have to be prepared for anything that comes.We pray for the best, yet expect some not so good things to happen. One thing is for sure. God is always there-in good times and bad times.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: unpredictable)

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