Wind Beneath The Little Bird’s Wings

little bird-wind beneath my wings

I am a little bird which is just learning to fly. Few flaps a day, and I’m off to go. Then all of a sudden it came to my attention: When I fly lower, no one notices me; and I am just alright. When I start to soar higher, other birds notice me and say how well I am doing.

The funny thing is, I’m always carried away by little appreciation that I easily lose balance and go down thrice as much faster as I soar. Too much concentration on my abilities perhaps; or is it that my concentration is too focused on what the other birds have to say about me? The latter is nearer to the truth; and a truth that a tiny bird like me must conquer. There is no greater conquest than conquering oneself, as the sages always tell us.

I’m flying because that is what my life is all about. My ancestors have flown to greatest heights, sans the others who did not. But the process of learning to fly is much, much difficult as I imagine it to be. Sometimes I soar. Many times I fall. Balance is a little key; but focus is the main ingredient. Focus is being in the flow, being in the moment, being in IT.

Actually, I’m not learning to fly because I don’t know how to do it; I’m just re-membering how is it to fly; for flying is already in my deep consciousness. It is the flesh and bone of everything that my ancestors have left me.

And the greatest truth of all is – I am able to fly because of that great  wind beneath my wings. That wind that makes me feel good, catches me when I start to fall and teaches me the skills of gliding. Without the wind I remain a little bird that exists for no reason. Thus, I am forever grateful to my God for being always the wind beneath this little bird’s vulnerable wings.

May you learn to fly too.


(WP Daily Prompt: wind)


4 thoughts on “Wind Beneath The Little Bird’s Wings


    Thanking, I am learning!!

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  2. I love birds and this one is beautiful!

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