Let Us Keep The Fire Burning


The point I am stressing for today should have been added to my post yesterday “Why Writing Gives Me Much Pleasure”. The idea came later when the post was already posted. As I was about to edit the post, an inkling urged me to check for the next daily word prompt first. Upon reading the word, I came to realize it was parallel to what I was going to say. Thus, I conclude to write it all in one whole post. Let’s just say a continuation of the flow of thoughts.

A cartoonist friend of mine, the late Ricky Manginsay once advised us, parents, this way:

if your child is so engrossed with drawing or sketching, never disturb him; if he refuses to eat just to continue what he is doing, let him be; allow the momentum to flow; never obstruct the inspiration that so burns deep inside of him.

I agree with him one hundred percent. I knew once how it felt to have that inspiration burning inside wanting to be expressed, to allow its beauty to be scattered into the world. This is so true with writing. We write not only to know what is inside of us, but also to express ourselves, to let that hidden entity out into the world. It is a gift by God that needs to be shared. It is in this blessing that God’s beauty exudes.

However, this expression of one’s true being is not limited only to writing or any work of art. This is also true to all kinds of talents there is. Like engaging in different kinds of sports,  and all undertakings in which one is so engrossed with the momentum, with the flow of one’s being in the activity one is engaged to. This momentum is what makes us gasped just by watching dancers glide like swans in flight, or listening to a melody that touches our core being, or watching bikers making acrobatic acts.

All of these talents are a result of that inspiration that burns so deeply within us. It has great power that if left unexpressed make us weak and depressed. It is the gift we are born with. May we all find that gift within us and give it time to be known into the world where it is meant to strive. And may we keep that fire burning when it is already in our grasp.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: burn)



2 thoughts on “Let Us Keep The Fire Burning

  1. This is so enlightening! Thanks for writing and sharing!


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