Dare to be Free

dare to be free

We are not a slave of our self. We are not a slave of our fate. Instead, we are slaves of our mind, if we allow it to be so.

We can submit to others for the right reasons or purpose; but not because we do not have a choice.

We always have a choice: the choice to remain, or the choice to go away. We always have been free.

No one could ever bound our WILL in chains; for it is rooted within, which we alone have the access.

Others may control our body, but not our mind.

Be free. FLY.

For that is how God created you to be!



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16 thoughts on “Dare to be Free

  1. Be Free. FLY!!!
    Be not a slave to circumstance.
    Great read.

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  2. Lovely indeed. Yes! God created everyone free.

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  3. You are awesome.. I love this post

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  4. Really impressive read!You have beautifully used the prompt to instill the importance of being free.

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  5. anythingandeverythingblog1991

    Amazing read! Keep up the great work! Do you mind if I share this on my blogs Facebook page and Twitter page?

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  6. Mental slavery could destroy our life. If we see the life of elephant we can really understand the mental slavery. When a elephant is kids it is bound by chain. it try and fail to uproot the chain. Then it started to believe that it will not be possible for him to uproot the chain. When the elephant becomes big then it also chain by a yardstick. But it does not try to uproot the yardstick. Because it brain was programmed by mind from its kids stage that it will not be possible by him.

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  7. Our belief system always create this mental chain that does not make us feel free.https://inspiretips.wordpress.com/belief/

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