A Simple Step to Achieve A Breakthrough

dare to achieve the breakthrough

As an aspiring writer, or sharer of thoughts in the blogging world, I face two inevitable situations daily: one is when words just flow freely like gushing waters out of rock, and second is when these words are inside a well, that needs much effort to be fetched.

Today these words are in the well that I took the time and effort to fetch. Maybe because I am physically tired while attending my daily routine. I told myself to just let this day pass by without opening my laptop. But then a part of me is already used to this routine. My will says, just do it girl. How can my body put me to sleep when my mind is not yet done with its ramblings? So then I am now taking this breakthrough.

For me, everyday is a breakthrough. When you dare to live your life much better each day, than the previous day, that is a breakthrough. For everything you did the other day you busted today with a much better approach and performance. Or, maybe your performance is not that great compared with the previous days but yourself is. When you are committed to living your life one day at a time, no matter what transpires during the day, you become better – in celebrating your victories or accepting your defeats.

Dare to achieve that breakthrough everyday!


5 thoughts on “A Simple Step to Achieve A Breakthrough

  1. So true, its so tough to just sleep without opening your laptop atleast for a while 😛 I end up reading other people’s works if not writing a new one everyday.

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  2. We want to believe there’s another kind of life for us when we’re being challenged.
    A breakthrough can be simple as changing our perspective.
    I really enjoy reading your posts.
    Keep doing what you do.

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