Shivering No More

shivering no more

been a fearful duckling for quite a while,

when on the third grade the teacher said,

“the prayer you must lead

at our acquaintance party on July third”.

even with lots of fears i did obeyed

prepared the prayer and then i lead.

arriving home mom said,

“your voice shivered,

why were you afraid”.

in front of the family

i felt my confidence was dead.

never felt encouraged,

so discouraged why i quivered.

from then i was a shivering duckling.

in declamation contests the lines always forgetting,

wishing my name would never be remembered,

‘coz it brings memories of fears unwanted.

and so from the world i hid

the fearful fate accepted;

but such hiding never lasted

for a voice deep within shouted,

ENOUGH! ’tis a good life I wanted

fears, shivers, quivers I would leave

a happy life I long to live.

the journey to healing was long and winding,

yet, through all the ups and downs,

the bruises and bumps,

I have found at last,

a spirit free, happy and gay.

no longer defeated by fears and shivers;

for if you just believe

you could be a master of your fate.



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