The Flame

The Flame

In deep slumber I was,

Lying at ease,

Carried by the humdrum

of everyday.

But life was such

an enigmatic beauty.

At first, it was a spark,

Followed by bursts of fire,

‘Til it became a flame—

A flame I could not extinguish.

On and on it burned.

Burned my peace,

And ignited a longing.

The rope of monotony snapped.

Okay,  I said finally.

Write I must,

But with a prayer I pleaded,

“Just please guide me God,

or else, the flame

would just die to naught.”



Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

One day I walk outside,

To breath the fresh air,

Be with my family,

And be with this unquenchable ME.


I walked on a beautiful path,

That led to a beautiful view,

My feet felt comfortable,

And my eyes were festive.

Cee's which way photo challenge

Then I walked on a rugged path,

That bent to an unknown end,

My steps were careful,

My eyes were watchful.

Should I bring a club,

Lest I should be in danger?

Should I be wary?

Should  I be keen?

Should I prepare only to trod,

On a beautiful path?

On this day,

I found the answer.

I need to trod both paths,

For the path matters not.

It’s the end of the journey,

That concludes,

What becomes of me,

At the end of every path and by-way!


A Poem for Pocahontas

(This poem was previously posted on May 17, 2016 as a response to WP Daily Prompt:buddy. I did a minor edit and posted it again for Weekly Discover Challenge: animal.)

never underestimate everything beautiful (3)

‘Goodbye buddy’.

I have never really uttered those words,

Before your dead body.

My tears I tried to hide.

But deep within I cried.

Yet, time led me to remember you.

So, this opportunity I take,

To utter the words, never before said.

And express how much you were appreciated.

You were such a good mother;

Breastfeeding puppies that do not come from her;

Getting lice out of every dog’s hair;

Giving each one all your cares.

I have never seen another dog,

As gentle and loving as you.

I mourn your loss;

Waiting, hoping  a dog like you,

Would come in the days to come.

Mulan had her puppies too.

Yet, none ever show,

To become one as motherly as –

My ever loving Pocahontas.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror











Untitled design (2)


No matter what time of day;

No matter what place are we,

Reflections are there

Waiting for us to give our cares.


But the greatest reflection there is,

Is that which we hold within.

For what we have inside,

Always shows outside.


(WPC: mirror)


Shivering No More

shivering no more

been a fearful duckling for quite a while,

when on the third grade the teacher said,

“the prayer you must lead

at our acquaintance party on July third”.

even with lots of fears i did obeyed

prepared the prayer and then i lead.

arriving home mom said,

“your voice shivered,

why were you afraid”.

in front of the family

i felt my confidence was dead.

never felt encouraged,

so discouraged why i quivered.

from then i was a shivering duckling.

in declamation contests the lines always forgetting,

wishing my name would never be remembered,

‘coz it brings memories of fears unwanted.

and so from the world i hid

the fearful fate accepted;

but such hiding never lasted

for a voice deep within shouted,

ENOUGH! ’tis a good life I wanted

fears, shivers, quivers I would leave

a happy life I long to live.

the journey to healing was long and winding,

yet, through all the ups and downs,

the bruises and bumps,

I have found at last,

a spirit free, happy and gay.

no longer defeated by fears and shivers;

for if you just believe

you could be a master of your fate.



My Expertise


I vowed one day to be a master of my fate.

Disappointment befell on me,

After I found out I could never be.

I then call on God,

And to Him I plead-

Such weakling I am,

My life I could not lead;

Would you please take the reign

And let me follow Your speed.

He then guided me and molded me

To be the person I would become:

The one whose expertise

Is to call on Him always.


The Muse In The Garden

The muse in my garden is beautiful, attractive and strong.

She is delicate; yet pierces the one who carelessly touch her.

For she has thorns that are there, a birthmark placed by the Maker.

Despite her thorns, she still fulfills her mission-

Adding a beauty in the garden,

That attracts bees, butterflies, and the birds.

She emits a fragrance that is uniquely her own.

The sunlight delights her, the rain refreshes her,

With much care she lives longer,

And the garden is full of life because of her.


I am not talking about my rose.

I am talking about me in the garden of my home.

In our family of four, 

I am the only muse.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: muse)