Beautiful Things Start To Happen. Caroline’s Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge: Day 24

sunrise photo and health challenge

This morning the sun was covered by clouds and occasional rain-showers fell. So no morning walk just yet.

I just uploaded these two photos which I took on different days weeks ago. These roosters belonged to our neighbor. They are for game fowls. The one below seemed to enjoy sun-bathing while curious enough to look at the camera.

sunrise photo and health challenge

On the health part, I did my yoga routines later in the day because we have to attend mass at eight o’clock.

Aside from the health benefits sunrise has given me, it also taught me many things:

  • learning to take photos of the rising sun directly
  • taking photos of it taking a peek through the trees
  • taking photos of the sunbeams which sometimes produce a dramatic effect
  • taking photos of the sun penetrating through the leaves of flowers
  • taking photos of flowers where the sunlight fell
  • taking photos of sunlight on trees and on tree stump.
  • learning that sunrise do lift my spirits up


There are endless things we could do with the sunlight. These are the things I never learned in my youth.  Because when I was younger, I was full of fears, always depressed and anxious.

Now that I dedicate my life to complete healing, beautiful things start to happen. One is this sunrise photo and health challenge. I discover, it is not enough to plan and execute it when the occasion calls for. I really have to go out and do things that could lead me to discover life and have fun with all of it. I become more aware of God’s creature and everything beautiful around me. Like a child, I now see, breathe and feel all of life. I know, this is only a scratch on the surface of everything beautiful God has created.

My youth may seem a not so well-lived life, but the remaining years ahead of me brings a promise for me to behold. It is never too late then to live life to the fullest.

By the way, the above photo is taken this morning when I strolled around the garden. It is a bee sipping a nectar from the coconut flowers. I walked a few minutes around to warm myself up and be ready to face the day.

Have a purposeful day!


(Please do visit Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge. The experience is fun and so helpful.)

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Things Start To Happen. Caroline’s Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge: Day 24

  1. Wow, I have never seen a coconut flower. Its amazing to see the plants around you, which are probably not unsuall for you, but they are very rare for me to see. The rooster looks so funny, looking at your camera. I like how the sunlight makes his colors beautiful and shining. I am looking forward to see more photos from your morning walks and I am glad to read that the challenge is helping you. I wish that more and more beautiful things happen to you every day. 🙂


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