Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes. Curious eyes. Bright eyes. Pretentious eyes. Those are her eyes. And Orange-y is her name. Deep within she is less playful compared to her twin sister. But she is a determined mouse hunter, even a bird hunter to the extreme. She catches any living creatures that would enter our kitchen. In other words, she works more and plays less. But she is so dear.

I wonder how would others describe of me too, by just looking through my eyes? They say, our eyes are the mirrors to our soul. Could anyone read my soul? When they look at my eyes, could they see how much scars are there? Could they count the defeats, the victories, the fears? Could they see a glimpse of hope, a spark of courage?

I hope when someone looks at me on the eyes, or on anyone else’s, they could see not the painful past, the horrifying mistakes, or the disappointing failures. I hope they would see the spirit that brings me here despite those difficult experiences; I hope they would see that I am a little bit different now, that I am much happier, more positive, more hopeful. And lastly, I hope they would see a work of God and even find God deep within my soul.

Those are my prayers too when I happen to look at your eyes or on anybody’s. That I would see only beauty in all the eyes that I see.

May you have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: eyes)

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