Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

One typical day, you are walking down the street to get some fresh air. Suddenly, you feel a tingling in your stomach. You seem to be hungry. So you look around to buy some food.

There is this stall you see at the end of the street that sells some food. You enter inside and look for something that may look delicious for your taste. From behind the counter the owner emerges, greets you and asks what do you want. The minute you see the owner, who is your friend, you greet him hello. And the second you see him, ideas come rushing through your mind. It says, “Oh, he is the one who watches his store? He has not paid anyone to assist him? Has he no money anymore?” While these thoughts are busy juggling in your mind, you are smiling sweetly at him and answers, “oh, you do not sell some snacks here?” When he says no, you bid goodbye, get out of the store and head to a snack bar nearby.

You enter inside the bar; and again look for goodies. On your right you notice  a woman who looks familiar, standing with her back on you. You then select the food of your choice and wait for the cashier who is somewhere in the store. The woman too heads at the cashier’s counter to pay her purchases. You do not turn around to face her because you are already sure who she is. She stands behind you and you act as if you do not care. While acting this way, your active mind is again filled with thoughts that says, “Oh, this woman who has the nerve to not pay her debt to me for years. This woman who acts flawlessly and tries to compensate in her looks what she lacks inside. This woman who stands in total arrogance.” You continue to act as if you do not care while observing her every move from the corner of your eye. When she’s finally gone, you relax a bit and is back in your better self again.

Does this describe some fragments of your typical day? Perhaps, it does not. Honestly, it does with me. For that was exactly my experience the day before. Those thoughts were what transpired in the confines of my little head.

The journey to self-expansion and growth is vast and tricky. It is like walking through a maze; you thought you already are very near to the end, only to realize it is a dead-end. You then have to start all over again taking another route until you reach the final destination.

This is what happens to the borders that we need to jump over. The border my friend is not limited to the differences in our color, race, culture, religion or belief. The border lies within the confines of our mind. We have these labels that we attach to each one. We have these preconceived notions about each person. These are the labels that we need to dump if we are to see each person as he or she truly is regardless of what his or her actions are.

I have this desire that someday, this innocent little mind of mine would come to understand people as they are. That one day, I would be able to look at the eyes of each person and see through those eyes a beautiful soul, the way Jesus see each one of us with all our weaknesses, strengths and everything.

I guess, it is a very beautiful thing to see another lasting beauty hidden inside a packaging that would not last. But before that, I have much work to do in leaping over the border within the corners of my mind. A major renovation perhaps.

Good day!


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4 thoughts on “Beyond Borders

  1. Superb superb post ! So touching ! So warm ! So guiding to respect individuality ! God ! I could ingrain in my blood stream ! Thanks a lot for so beautiful post ! Regards

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  2. Nicely said:). Yeah, i should remove the borders within my mind first.

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