He Paid Me a Treasure

He pays me small, my heart says treasure!

Good morning! I miss you guys. Thank you for still giving me the space in your reader feed.

So, what do I have for you today? They say an introverted person seldom opens up himself or herself with others. I will open up to you anyway since I know most of you have wide minds and warm hearts.

Here I am again sharing a bit of my stupidity. I just discovered the path to the unknown is laden with stupid moves and thoughtless acts. Yeah, I am one of those stupid species. I am not ashamed to admit that because…. well, it’s the truth.

My story starts the day I got interviewed for a writing gig by one potential client. Due to overwhelm, everything he asks of me to do I answered yes. He then gave me the job description, requirements,  and the deadline. During the interview, I was already doubtful whether I could deliver the project on the agreed deadline. To think I have only less than six hours to deliver two articles with a word count of 1,500 words each. To top it all, on topics I did not know about. And it’s my first writing gig in that job site. Experience does matter a lot.

Mustering all my strength to have that “I can” attitude, I assured him I would be able to do it. With some more few agreements, the interview ended.

True to my word, I beat the deadline. But I was not peaceful in my sleep because I felt less confident of my work. I was too tired to do one hundred percent editing.

The next day, my intuition told me it was correct. My client requested me to rewrite my articles because it was a real mess. I asked for an apology and rewrote the whole thing. However, deep inside of me I was already on the verge of giving up. I just found out writing 3,000 words on topics I have no idea about was beyond my capacity at the moment. The research did not even help.

After I delivered the project, I asked for a feedback with ninety percent expectations that I may not be hired. Even if he’d hire me, I was already too weak to do a thing. Anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue took its toll on me. Besides, the project is more than I can handle. I also told him I was willing to end the contract should I not be hired, that the funds be returned back to him.

And yes, I was not hired. My work failed to pass the project requirements. But you know what? That was one of the happiest days in my whole life!

Why? Because that was one of the very few times wherein someone gave me a constructive criticism regarding my work without making me feel guilty of what I had done. I was so blessed to meet that potential client with a big heart. His act was kind of a breather for my life at the moment.

As you can see, I had been in a financing company for more than a decade. When I started working there, the company just rented a small office space where water drips from the roof every time it rains. I witnessed and even helped the company grow in my own small way. Years later the company had its own two-story building with spaces for rental. Not only in one place but in many places its many buildings stood up. It could be a success story for them.

But for me, it was not. For all the days I was there, I never received a pat on the back. My responsibilities include a sensitive one. I handle the financial transactions of the branch. I always receive and count money that does not belong to me. Allow me to raise my chair here, I did my job well and resisted temptations no matter how tough life gets. Others failed where I excelled. But management overlooked that. They failed to see my efforts and my contribution. Criticism was given, sadly, in a destructive way.

I quit of course. But too late. I was already a broken person inside, seeking to heal.

Thus, the encounter with that client gave me something money can’t buy. It gave me RESPECT for myself. I felt respected for the longest time ever! Yes, I receive respect often. But considering the time and trust a person gave me and failing to do what was expected—that was something awesome of him. Moreover, he considers my effort and pays me a considerable amount for that. But for me, that was the biggest pay I ever received for a work I have ever given.

Respect is very important to a person. It can either make or break someone. Until now my heart is still rejoicing. I know obstacles are still scattered on my way. But this one is a nice retreat to return to when the going gets tough. I am encouraged to do more and be more. Nice people still exist. It’s my fervent prayer to meet some more.


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My 3 Major Goals for 2017

my 2017 major goals

This is the first time I am sharing my life goals for a specific year. I normally am a secretive person. I keep things unto myself. For playing it safe, yes. The fear of being busted keeps my mouth shut. But then again, the blogging world is deliberately guiding my arms to open up. Where then can I find a team of encouragers and inspirers but here, with you guys, who share with me the stuff or the cause I love doing.

The idea too of sharing my goals with you is coined by Liz of Stay Strong, Daily Warrior, who first shared her goals for 2017. I admit, I am a little fearsome for I know I am accountable when the end of the year comes. But a little courageous too because I could no longer make any more excuses for not doing the things I want to do.

At first, I thought I only have one or two goals for this year. But when I started to write the draft, I wrote twelve of them. Such a major difference when you put into writing your thoughts. Things come clearer. But I will just share here the major goals. So, here they are:

1. Work online full time

This has been my dream for the past six years after I gave birth to my youngest. However, I lacked all the necessary tools needed to fulfill this dream. I have no computer, no knowledge, no internet connection. In those six years, I slowly inched my way up to come here. I enrolled myself in an online course in order to know the highways and byways of the online life; of course, to learn the skills and tools needed too.

Now, I am ready! Yes, I am for hire as a blog writer, content writer or social media manager. If you, your friend or someone you, know need some help in content or social media, I might be able to help. You may view my full portfolio here .

2. Write my book

The other year, Darren Hardy asks his readers what is the one thing they each want to do. My answer is ‘write my own book.’ One person comments, “oh, that is the easiest thing to do in the world.” Sure, it is. Maybe for one who is living alone with lesser responsibilities. But how about for someone who is a full-time employee, hands-on mother, homemaker and a wife? Each of this roles must have an allotted quality time. Doing something apart from these roles means having to give up some of the time given to one role. Thus, it is the time that keeps me from fulfilling my lifelong dream.

This year, I need to change strategies and re-arrange my schedules. I am still connected in the corporate world as of now. When God grants me my writing gig, that would be the time I hop into a career transition.

3. Complete my Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) short courses

I am very much aware that I still need to learn many things. Thus, I avail some of the free courses offered by different learning institutions through MOOC. Hopefully, to get a certificate upon completion. That would be a great help for my portfolio. Whenever I get one, I surely would show it here.

That is all. These are my 2017 major goals. With much prayers that God would guide my way. What are your 2017 goals too? Would you love to share it with us?


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Mind The Gap

Mind the gap

These past few days my creative juices stop flowing. Frustration would grip every writer when this thing happens. I am. Thankfully, images are great life-savers.

I am not under the spell of writer’s block. My mind is just too stressed to receive or share fresh insights. Others call this overwhelm. It really is. I tackle too many things this time: completing office stuff before the year ends, home-decorating ideas for Christmas, prepping for the company’s Christmas party presentation and taking the necessary steps for a full-blown online writing career.

Yes, I am into bringing my life’s passion to the next level. I want to roll into one my passion and work. Perhaps I would be less stressed by then since there is not much effort on my part. This is the new  recipe I am cooking for my life when the new year starts. With much hope that I could create a perfect dish.

This leads me to focus on the gaps in between. This is the gap that Ben Huberman talks about in this week’s Discover Challenge. This gap is the missing link in the journey from here to there. Here is where the initiative, perseverance, persistence, strategies, actions and the like come into the picture. And here is where I am at this point. I guess, most of us are.

On the other side of the coin are the challenges inherent to every success journey. This is very much anticipated. While it would be my desire to weather every storm along the way, there may be some instances where I spread myself too thinly. I could just prepare myself for these things.

I greatly believe: When God leads us to an unknown path, He would never ever leave us. This is what I keep holding on to. Come what may, God is with me.

May you already found the gap that leads you from here to there.

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Mind the Gap