The Flame

The Flame

In deep slumber I was,

Lying at ease,

Carried by the humdrum

of everyday.

But life was such

an enigmatic beauty.

At first, it was a spark,

Followed by bursts of fire,

‘Til it became a flame—

A flame I could not extinguish.

On and on it burned.

Burned my peace,

And ignited a longing.

The rope of monotony snapped.

Okay,  I said finally.

Write I must,

But with a prayer I pleaded,

“Just please guide me God,

or else, the flame

would just die to naught.”



We Have A Choice

finding the better choice


Because we always have a choice. Life is is full of choices. It is either—

to be sad or to be happy,

to be a slave or to be free,

to hate or to love,

to forgive or to resent,

to accept or to reject,

to get stuck or to move on…

The choices are endless. The good thing is, we now are on the age where almost everybody desires positive results over its counterpart. The struggle now is on the journey towards the quest for positivism and liberation from the bondage of negativism that has engulfed our consciousness for so long.

May we not waste this ability for us to choose. For it is our birthright.

Should we find ourselves caught between the fangs of doubts, hopelessness and discouragement along this quest, may we stay there only to rest. From there, may we move on forward. May we choose the much better option. Because….

We always have a choice.

purposivewriter - nezel yurong


1 Butterfly, 1 Sunrise, 1 Beautiful Morning


Brisk-walking is part of my early morning routine. Having a glimpse of sunrise is a bonus. Today, this tiny butterfly caught my eye. Its color turned to gold as the sunlight penetrated its wings. As I looked closer to take a clearer shot, its hind wings slowly opened and closed. I did not know what the move was for. Is it grooming itself? Or, is it preparing for flight should I frighten it?

I didn’t know why. One thing was for sure, I had a wonderful experience: one tiny butterfly, one cool sunrise, one beautiful morning. That was all it takes to start my wonderful day!

May you have a beautiful day too!

purposivewriter - nezel yurong



Unforgettable Childhood Memory

Music has NOT been my first love. But I do have a certain affinity for the song Memory by Barbra Streisand since I was eight years old.

At the time, singing contests was already popular in the country. There was this one singing contest in a national television show that ran every Sunday. We always looked forward to this show since there were no other forms of entertainment at the time. One of the contestants was a young girl almost my age. Thus, she got my sympathy. I was so awed by her talent because for me, she sang like an angel.

She made it to the grand finals. Her song choice was Memory. The way she sang was still so vivid in my mind. It was full of childlike innocence and sincerity. I felt so much the moonlight in her words. Though she ranked only second place, the song was ingrained deeply in my soul. After the show I ran towards our huge window and looked for the moon. Coincidentally, the moon was full. I looked up at the moon with total amazement and wonder. I gazed at it longer as if it were my first time to see it in all its majesty.

Thus, every time I hear the song Memory, what comes to mind first was my eight-year old self looking at the full moon by the huge window, loving its light and the mystery behind it. To this day, the full moon still left me speechless and lost. And the song Memory stayed with me since then.

What song stayed with you too?

purposivewriter - nezel yurong


Love Me For What I Am

love me for what I am

“But you can’t rearrange my life because it pleases you.

You’ve got to love me for what I am for simply being me.”

The above are the lines from The Carpenter’s song Love Me For What I Am. I just love these lines so much. Not that I want to be accepted as I really am, with all my sharp edges, my past and my imperfect self by others; but also because it made me ask myself if I do accept everyone as he/she is and love him/her for simply being himself/herself.

It is a question of acceptance that I need to answer honestly. When I got married, I was disappointed to learn that I married a different man. I married the person I did not expect him to be. All because I have ‘expectations.’ There were even times I want to rearrange everything in order to fit in with my expectations. But the hard fact is that there are things that are much better accepted as they are and not changed; for it is impossible to change them either.

I am even still at the process of accepting and loving myself as I am. Thus, I need to sing this song unto myself too, over and over again. For this is how love works.  When I fully accept and love myself, then it would be easier for me to accept and love others too.

purposivewriter - nezel yurong