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No matter what time of day;

No matter what place are we,

Reflections are there

Waiting for us to give our cares.


But the greatest reflection there is,

Is that which we hold within.

For what we have inside,

Always shows outside.


(WPC: mirror)


8 Surprising Benefits Of Sunrise (Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge: Day 25)

The sun again did not show up this morning. Our weather was governed by occasional rain-showers and a windy day due to strong south winds.

So for today I used an old sunrise photo taken a month ago at 6:05 in the morning and limited my physical exercises indoors.  But still this did not hinder me from having a beautiful day.

For today, I love to share with you the benefits of sunrise on our health. Sunrise as we know it, is the source of all energy. Its rising in the morning make all life forms thank the Maker. It is the awakening of every new beginning. The most beautiful thing is, it is free. So if you could, try to wake up early and bathe its light that you may reap all the benefits it has to offer:

Natural Source of Vitamin D.  In humans Vitamin D changes to calcium in the body which encourages the hormone endorphin production. Endorphins give you that feel good feeling which causes happiness and satisfaction which prevents depression. The most notable benefit of exposure to sunlight is its ability to boost your body’s vitamin D supply. The NIH says at least 1,000 different genes that control every tissue in the body are linked to be regulated by vitamin D3. Vitamin D is produced by the skin’s response to UV radiation primarily through sun exposure, which affects 10 percent of the genes in the human body.

Sunlight is good for the nervous system. Lack of sunlight is now linked to PTSD. Exposure to the sun can reduce anxiety. I proved this to be true because I used to depend on my B complex supplements. According to my doctor my nerves needed it. But after I exposed myself in the sunrise regularly, I slowly limit my intake to two to three times a week. And I still feel good and energetic!

Enhances Your Mood. Regular sunlight exposure can naturally increase the serotonin levels in your body, making you more active and alert.

Lowers Blood Pressure. Skin that is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays release a compound, nitric oxide, that lowers blood pressure. In a recent study conducted at Edinburgh University, dermatologists studied the blood pressure of 34 volunteers under UV and heat lamps. In one session, the volunteers were exposed to both light sources and in the other session, the UV rays were blocked so only the heat affected the skin. The results of the study showed a significant drop in blood pressure after exposure to UV rays for an hour but not after the heat-only sessions. It is important to note that the volunteers’ vitamin D levels were unaffected in both sessions.

Awesome Beauty. The most beautiful moment of the sunrise is what they call the golden hour. It is the period shortly after sunrise. I have witnessed such beauty and it is beyond what words can say. Everything around is beautiful and literally golden.

Unadulterated Peace. Being bathe with the sun’s light feels like being one with it. It is so calming. And all sunrises always bring tranquility around.

Enhance Spirituality. It is lifting up the spirits. The light seems to permeate deep within. Maybe because of the beauty and the tranquility that the sunrise brings, you become more aware and in tune with your self. Because you are surrounded by nature, you come to meditate with nature.

Lasting happiness. When you start the day right, the whole day feels right. When you start with good feelings and enhanced mood, negativity seldom beats you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out early in the morning and greet the sunrise with arms wide open. It only seems difficult at first, but when done regularly, the experience is worth the effort.

Have a sunshiny day!


(Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge is a good start to love the sunrise).


The Story of Juan

the story of juan-complicate

Juan was a local fisherman who lived in a tiny yet beautiful island. One hot summer day, Juan decided not to go fishing since the sun’s scorching  heat seemed to penetrate deep into the skin. He settled himself on a bench made of bamboo alongside the beach. As he was about to fall asleep, he noticed somebody was looking down on him. He squinted his eyes, to see who it was. With the look of the man, Juan sensed he was a tourist in their place. He slowly seated himself up and encouraged the man to sit down. The man settled himself beside Juan. He said, “it’s an awesome place you have here.” Juan replied, “Yes, we are blessed to have a place like this.” The man introduced himself to Juan, “By the way, I am John. You are?” “Juan,” Juan replied cheerfully. Their conversation lengthened with topics ranging from Juan’s simple life in the island to John’s whereabouts in the city. Then John opened up an interesting topic:

John: If I were you Juan, instead of just passing your time sitting down on this bench, I would go to the city.

Juan: What for?

John: To find a job that would give you the highest income.

Juan: Why?

John: So that you’d be able to send your children to prominent schools.

Juan: And?

John: So that they’d be able to land on high-paying jobs. So that you’d be able to buy yourself a big house, and cars, and buy everything you want.

Juan: Is that all?

John: So that when you retire you’d be able to enjoy your self on a beach, happy, free and having the  life you want.

Juan looked firmly at John with arched brows and slowly replied:

Juan: Why would I bother myself doing all those things, when I am already enjoying my life the way I want it to be?

… This may sound a lazy man’s story. Yet, Juan got a point. Do we really need to complicate life?

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: complicate)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

weekly photo challenge-morning

This is our typical morning on weekends. Before taking breakfast we go to the beach first to enjoy the cool waters.

weekly photo challenge-morning

This is what the kids are looking forward to on weekdays. They love so much the beach and could go on swimming even for hours. We love to be here on early morning because the sun is not yet that hot.

This is our most loved bonding and the moments that I want to paint in my kids childhood memories.


(Weekly Photo Challenge: morning)

(WP Daily Prompt: paint)

Tourists In Our Own Place

Sometimes when the work load are so great and the pressures are piling high, we forget how to live our life. Our minds would scream: hey let me have some space, please! No matter how we push ourselves to still go on with our daily tasks, our bodies and mind would no longer cooperate.

Nothing we could do than surrender to the will of the body. This is the best surrender we could give our tired selves. We need to breath. We need some space. We need to reconnect with our selves and with, of course, our families.


One way of reconnecting is to be with nature; to find some fresh air to breath and new place to get excited about. However, if time could not cooperate with us to go some place farther, we just have to look nearer.


The nearer, the better. And the greater the number, the merrier.


I am lucky enough to be in a place where the tourists go. It’s a simple place filled with wonder and awesomeness.


I have that big dream to be a tourist too in another place. But before I do that I have to soak first in the awesomeness of our place. I got to have that eyes of the tourist, breath the freshness of the air, feel the coolness of the water, embrace nature in all its wonder. And it feels so good to celebrate nature this way with the entire family.


And after such nature soaking and family bonding, wow it feels so good to be at home with spirits renewed and mind afresh. Back again to life’s daily grind but full of wonder and awe.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: tourist)

A Typical But Unforgettable Day: A Walk Down Memory Lane

picnic at the beach-purposivewriter

Beach Outing!

It’s Sunday! This means no school for children and day off from work for parents. We prepared for the mass at eight in the morning. Our parents, together with our neighbors, agreed to go to the beach and have picnic there . After the mass we were to follow them.

Uhm, it was kind of we, children, were the ones who should go to mass. Our parents would just attend it on certain occasions like, you know: baptism, weddings, burials and sometimes birthdays. Yes, my family was not the practicing type though we were taught to have fear in God early on.

After the mass, I, my sister and our friend Carmen excitedly headed to the beach. The beach was just a walking distance, a kilometer perhaps. No means of transportation was available at that time around town, except if you own one privately. So, the walk gave us lots of time to talk about our crushes, friends, whereabouts in school and petty problems at home. Moreover, it made us aware of the people and sights we passed by. It was easier then to know by name most people in town.

At the beach we excitedly gathered seashells, seaweeds like lato and guso, and salwaki (sea urchin). We can do this only when the tide is low. When it is high, we just jumped onto the inviting waters and enjoy swimming. Oh, the smell of the sea and its cool waters made me so nostalgic now. Our mothers too did the same. The fathers were left at the seashore to grill the fresh fishes they bought from the local fishermen. When it was time to eat everybody forgot their diets. Could your appetite says no to freshly gathered seafood? We finished everything up to the last crumb. After that everybody raced to dive the cool sea. That was so fun then. Our family, the neighbors, the kids. Such wonderful memories that I kept returning to when I need a boost of positivism.

Well, we also do this activity with my kids now. Only that it’s not done on a regular basis because my husband has overtime on some Sundays. Because Sunday is my only day off from work too, I divide my time from doing the laundry, doing household chores and attending mass. We also are not that open with our neighbors regarding outdoor activities. Most of us are that busy too. Unlike in my childhood days when we did go to the beach almost every weekend and almost everybody in the neighborhood joined. 

Power Interruptions!

Our technological age hates so much power interruptions. But when we were the young ones, we love power interruptions. Because power interruptions mean father had to entertain us with shadow play or sang us songs of his time. He did not possess such lovely voice. But the thought of us gathered together around him including mother and having fun was priceless. We felt each other. We laughed at each other. We may not say I love you vocally; but our actions said it loudly.

We loved it more when power interruptions happened during full moon. We will all go outside with the neighbors. The parents would talk anything under the sun. While the children played Patintero along the road. The fun was endless.

Now, even if challenged with power interruption, we are still connected with our laptops, tablets, phones and the likes. And the first thing we look for after the candles are lighted, are the fans to cool us down. Times have changed, so is our climate. It is much hotter now. Thus, it is much difficult to have fun during this time. Also, it is no longer safe to play outside during evening because many vehicles are passing by and we no longer know everybody in town.

I know I could not give the same activities that I enjoyed in my childhood to my two kids now. But I will try, as much as possible, to give the same amount of pleasure and nostalgia-that they may share the same pleasure when it is their time to walk down memory lane.

Have a purposeful day!


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One Beach-y Day: The Daily Prompt


I just opened my WP blog after approximately four months. I was intrigued by the daily prompt I just read. Sure, I love to post daily but allowed distractions to come my way. This time I asked myself: what if I take the challenge of posting daily? It would be fun. Especially today that the prompt is Beach. Boy, we just went to the beach last Saturday. As of the moment I don’t have any idea about the beach but I do have pictures to back me up. So, here we go. Hope you all would enjoy our one day at the beach.








We had this one beach-y day at Flora’s Dive and Resort, Cangbagsa, Larena, Siquijor, Philippines.

Have a purposeful day!