Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

One typical day, you are walking down the street to get some fresh air. Suddenly, you feel a tingling in your stomach. You seem to be hungry. So you look around to buy some food.

There is this stall you see at the end of the street that sells some food. You enter inside and look for something that may look delicious for your taste. From behind the counter the owner emerges, greets you and asks what do you want. The minute you see the owner, who is your friend, you greet him hello. And the second you see him, ideas come rushing through your mind. It says, “Oh, he is the one who watches his store? He has not paid anyone to assist him? Has he no money anymore?” While these thoughts are busy juggling in your mind, you are smiling sweetly at him and answers, “oh, you do not sell some snacks here?” When he says no, you bid goodbye, get out of the store and head to a snack bar nearby.

You enter inside the bar; and again look for goodies. On your right you notice  a woman who looks familiar, standing with her back on you. You then select the food of your choice and wait for the cashier who is somewhere in the store. The woman too heads at the cashier’s counter to pay her purchases. You do not turn around to face her because you are already sure who she is. She stands behind you and you act as if you do not care. While acting this way, your active mind is again filled with thoughts that says, “Oh, this woman who has the nerve to not pay her debt to me for years. This woman who acts flawlessly and tries to compensate in her looks what she lacks inside. This woman who stands in total arrogance.” You continue to act as if you do not care while observing her every move from the corner of your eye. When she’s finally gone, you relax a bit and is back in your better self again.

Does this describe some fragments of your typical day? Perhaps, it does not. Honestly, it does with me. For that was exactly my experience the day before. Those thoughts were what transpired in the confines of my little head.

The journey to self-expansion and growth is vast and tricky. It is like walking through a maze; you thought you already are very near to the end, only to realize it is a dead-end. You then have to start all over again taking another route until you reach the final destination.

This is what happens to the borders that we need to jump over. The border my friend is not limited to the differences in our color, race, culture, religion or belief. The border lies within the confines of our mind. We have these labels that we attach to each one. We have these preconceived notions about each person. These are the labels that we need to dump if we are to see each person as he or she truly is regardless of what his or her actions are.

I have this desire that someday, this innocent little mind of mine would come to understand people as they are. That one day, I would be able to look at the eyes of each person and see through those eyes a beautiful soul, the way Jesus see each one of us with all our weaknesses, strengths and everything.

I guess, it is a very beautiful thing to see another lasting beauty hidden inside a packaging that would not last. But before that, I have much work to do in leaping over the border within the corners of my mind. A major renovation perhaps.

Good day!


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Show Your Best Despite

Show your best despite

People tend to act mostly out of filling a void deep within them, failing to realize what are they. This void could be out of greed, jealousy, insecurity, deeper need for connection and the like. Whatever they are, they are the prompts that push people how to operate their life on a daily basis.

One time there was this employee sent to our workplace to do the auditing. She acted a little nice and even invited me to have lunch with her on several occasions. She had questions about my personal life which I answered in all honesty. I was not the type who impresses people by empty verbosity. And I once believed people could be trusted when you give your trust to them. ( I learned the hard way that this principle does not apply to everyone.) People are just people with all their weaknesses and strengths. Some come in our lives to help, some come to destroy for selfish interest, thinking by doing so they are filling that void within themselves.

The day came when this person showed her real intentions. We engaged into a kind of argument over a minor issue regarding work, which was not really an issue. Before she pulled out of the branch, we had a meeting. It went well, and we all thought what transpired between us was already patched up. The bomb exploded when she reported to the main office. Everything I told her, she manipulated to be used against me. What was funny was that when the boss called, she did not talk about the problems with our workplace that needed much attention. She tackled the issue between me and that person without asking for my side of the story.

See? Our world suffered because we do not care to listen to the other side of the story. We are so good in selective perception. We only want to see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe. I was not scolded though; but was given reminders of how to treat others as if I were a naughty child who grabbed an ice cream from another child. For a fact: I was already twelve years in the company (meeting clients maybe for the thousandth time and none of whom complained about my attitude, or even had issues with my office mates) while she was barely two; I was forty, she was in early twenties. I am not trying to cleanse myself; for I could never blot out all the imperfections in me. Only God can wipe me clean and make myself whiter than snow. I am just trying to show the qualities in us that needed much attention for improvement.

Even Jesus was crucified out of envy. It were the high priests who plotted that he would be arrested out of their self-interests. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus out of selfish interest. Do we need to wonder why people keep on betraying us? Do we need to wonder why friends, even families have the nerve to betray us?

This is what we need to delve within ourselves. We do not have the control of everything. We can only control ourselves. Thus, I love this prayer Of Jabez from 1 Chronicles 4:10

Lord, bless me and bless me indeed. Enlarge my territory, let Your hand be with me, and keep me away from evil, that I may not cause pain.

We are into relationships. The best that we can put into the relationship is our best self. When we are at our best, most of the best comes to us. And when people find that there is that certain ‘best’ in us, they would never let us go; except perhaps when they have issues within themselves, that what they see are only their needs and failed to recognize others. They are too busy filling the void within.

Thus, we need to fully realize who we are, that at the end of the day, we are able to smile, look up and say, “Thank you God, I made someone smile today.”

Blessed day!


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A Poem for Pocahontas

(This poem was previously posted on May 17, 2016 as a response to WP Daily Prompt:buddy. I did a minor edit and posted it again for Weekly Discover Challenge: animal.)

never underestimate everything beautiful (3)

‘Goodbye buddy’.

I have never really uttered those words,

Before your dead body.

My tears I tried to hide.

But deep within I cried.

Yet, time led me to remember you.

So, this opportunity I take,

To utter the words, never before said.

And express how much you were appreciated.

You were such a good mother;

Breastfeeding puppies that do not come from her;

Getting lice out of every dog’s hair;

Giving each one all your cares.

I have never seen another dog,

As gentle and loving as you.

I mourn your loss;

Waiting, hoping  a dog like you,

Would come in the days to come.

Mulan had her puppies too.

Yet, none ever show,

To become one as motherly as –

My ever loving Pocahontas.

Meet and Greet: 10/1/16

Hello October! So happy to start the month with this meet and greet with fellow bloggers.

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A Graceful Reminder

a graceful reminder

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.

Ephesians 2:8

Most of the time I am carried away by the confidence of doing a thing rightly, or sometimes a little better than the ordinary, especially when others think the same way too. I am carried by the thought that maybe I am indispensable, or at times great. But when God notices it, He sends someone to awaken me to the reality. And urgh! I am on my right place.

God is that open to me in His discipline. He does not allow me to wallow in my ego for a longer time. I am always embarrass before Him; yet loved unconditionally.

On occasions like these, the verse above always echoes in my mind. Yeah, why should I boast for things that have been given to me freely? This lead me to ask, ‘why am I here in the first place if I were not to own anything?’ There is no use searching for the answers. Even if there is one, I may never understand. I just need to accept the truth that everything given to me, whether it be inside of me or outside of me, is a gift – a gift I need to share.

You are God’s gift for me today. Thank you for your time.

Have a purposeful day!


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Unmasking Our True Selves


Facade. At some point in our life we use them; to conceal a pain, a tear, an anger, or maintain gracefulness, or just show off some strength.

There is one person who has a high-profile in her community because of her achievements. She is very strict to her subordinates, and at times unable to control her mood. She just lashes out at everybody around her. But at times, when she could no longer contain her pain, she would cry out. She shows vulnerability in spite of her frightening facade.

There is also one who serves in their place of worship. He is a member of an honored organization there. But then, when temptation kept knocking on his door, he was unable to say no to it. With his respectable facade, no one could believe he would also slip.

You and I are keeping a facade. Who has a pure spirit, pure heart and live a pure life? Nobody. Except Jesus Christ. We all have our own share of vulnerabilities and an amount of a past that we wish would vanish instantly from the book of our personal history. We could not blame people for maintaining a certain facade; the same way I could not blame myself if somehow, without my awareness, I am also showing a false front.

In reality, it is the self we used to know that we keep hiding away from. We want to run from that self. Thus, we believe by creating a false front we are able to hide a self that we loathe. Or by acquiring tons of money, earning a degree that we could attach to our names, or just by having that flawless look we would be well on our way.

Sadly, no. Morrie Schwartz, a sociology professor, who acquired ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), at the end of his days said: that in life nothing matters than your family, how much you love and the lessons you will leave behind long after you are gone. His disease was slowly eating up his body. As his days became shorter, the words he left with his former student, Mitch Albom, were full of life lessons and wisdom. All these lessons were included in Mitch Albom‘s book Tuesdays with Morrie. Mitch Albom was fortunate enough to discern wisdom in his younger years from this awesome teacher who remained true till the end.

If those are the things that matter most, then why keep and maintain something that could not help us become who we are? Friends, if we could, let us slowly unmask that untruth in ourselves. Let us be who we are: showing love, accepting vulnerabilities, being able to accept other people for who they are. For each one of us has our stories. May it be of success or failures, of how much we give and how much we get. Yet, in the eyes of God, we are all the same: beautiful weaklings and lovable innocents. That would all go to the same end. But whom God would never ever give up!

May we be true until the end.


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Self-preservation on the Line

self-preservation on the line

Years ago someone added me in a Facebook community. This community tackled the political issues in our province. At that time our province was divided mainly by two political parties. Hence, each party had supporters; not just plain supporters but supporters who were willing to fight with gritted teeth for their party. I also supported one party because I was a registered voter.

One time I posted my opinion on the page concerning some issues we, locals, were facing. There were then an exchange of opinions in the thread. Slowly, one supporter of the other party began to attack me. I defended myself by saying I do not level with small minds (that may sound harsh but a little better than the words he used against me). His reply was more immature. He told me he knew who I was as if insinuating my social status compared to his. To think his family name was the same as my maiden family name. We could see how fanaticism distort a man’s thinking.

Consequently, I did not answer further more. I would not disagree where my social status belongs in the society. Or if my past looked blatantly ugly. I do not care. Those things do not define my true self; so I do not need to spend time and effort arguing with someone over those petty things. What matters to me is who I know myself to be in the now moment. This for me, is the best way to live every second of my life.

After that I no longer visited the community. I loathe places full of negativity. I have the choice to live my best life. And I live my life that way no matter what others have to say.

I looked at things this way because of my role model. He is none other than the famous, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus had many bashers too. He knew the people who were setting a plot to arrest him. He knew the people who got jealous of him. He knew the person who denied him. He knew the person who betrayed him. He knew the people who shouted that he’d be crucified. However, he did not defend himself. Until the end he did not disagree with these people. He did not even asked them why. He knew he had done nothing to receive such an ugly treatment from all of these people. But he just remained silent. Eventually, he was crucified; and yet got resurrected. What was more beautiful, he did not cry over them, mull over them, or even ask God why people behaved this way.

For me, the example of Jesus is the best way to handle situations like these. There is no need arguing with people who believed greatly how right they are. If you would, you are just like bumping your head on a hard wall. And if ever you could prove to them how right you are and how wrong they are, it could only make their egos cry for becoming so little before you. That they would not allow to happen no matter what.

It pays to know yourself fully well, as well as to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually rooted within; so that when confronted with situations like these, you know you walk away not because you are weak or afraid but because you know it is not worth your time. Some more beautiful things out there are waiting for your attention. It is best to spend your most beautiful life with the most beautiful things that could help you grow, expand and fly.

May you have a purposeful day!