A Poem for Pocahontas

(This poem was previously posted on May 17, 2016 as a response to WP Daily Prompt:buddy. I did a minor edit and posted it again for Weekly Discover Challenge: animal.)

never underestimate everything beautiful (3)

‘Goodbye buddy’.

I have never really uttered those words,

Before your dead body.

My tears I tried to hide.

But deep within I cried.

Yet, time led me to remember you.

So, this opportunity I take,

To utter the words, never before said.

And express how much you were appreciated.

You were such a good mother;

Breastfeeding puppies that do not come from her;

Getting lice out of every dog’s hair;

Giving each one all your cares.

I have never seen another dog,

As gentle and loving as you.

I mourn your loss;

Waiting, hoping  a dog like you,

Would come in the days to come.

Mulan had her puppies too.

Yet, none ever show,

To become one as motherly as –

My ever loving Pocahontas.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror











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No matter what time of day;

No matter what place are we,

Reflections are there

Waiting for us to give our cares.


But the greatest reflection there is,

Is that which we hold within.

For what we have inside,

Always shows outside.


(WPC: mirror)


My Expertise


I vowed one day to be a master of my fate.

Disappointment befell on me,

After I found out I could never be.

I then call on God,

And to Him I plead-

Such weakling I am,

My life I could not lead;

Would you please take the reign

And let me follow Your speed.

He then guided me and molded me

To be the person I would become:

The one whose expertise

Is to call on Him always.


His Witness

witness of his love

I come to bear a witness.

Been afraid I could not make it.

He then whispered,

“You’re afraid ’cause ’tis yourself you’re thinkin’

Your capabilities, you’re doubting.

I din’t asked you to be perfect.

I just asked you to bring to everyone,

What I put in your heart.”

I asked,

“What did you put there?”

He answered,



(WP Daily Prompt: witness)




The Pause

pause-little girl-purposivewriter

I pause for a while,

To regain my breath,

Inhale the fresh air,

Feel the cool wind

That kisses my tangled hair.

Life is not all work

And without play;

For I discover,

If thou will seek

Only to feed the body

And ignore the spirit,

Thy spirit would weaken

And the body would suffer in pain;

For the body derives its strength

From the spirit within.

Thus I take the pause,

Which I so deprived my spirit.

Hoping that when I get on

With this journey of mine,

I would be well again.

And able to live that special gift

Of the very life in me.

(WP Daily Prompt: crisis)

God’s Abundance

They feast on the abundance of your house;

you give them drink from your river of delights.

Psalm 36:8 

God's abundance-spirituality-purpose

Your abundance, oh, God is true.

We believe in the abundance of your love,

Of your peace, of your understanding,

Of your wisdom, and of all things beautiful and pure.

Though our hearts may doubt,

It does not make Your promises untrue.

Teach us to believe;

Increase our faith,

That at last we may say:

Praise to You Lord, God

For filling our cups,

And make it overflow.

You provide our needs,

In You we lack nothing.


(WP Daily Prompt: feast)