His Witness

witness of his love

I come to bear a witness.

Been afraid I could not make it.

He then whispered,

“You’re afraid ’cause ’tis yourself you’re thinkin’

Your capabilities, you’re doubting.

I din’t asked you to be perfect.

I just asked you to bring to everyone,

What I put in your heart.”

I asked,

“What did you put there?”

He answered,



(WP Daily Prompt: witness)




The Pause

pause-little girl-purposivewriter

I pause for a while,

To regain my breath,

Inhale the fresh air,

Feel the cool wind

That kisses my tangled hair.

Life is not all work

And without play;

For I discover,

If thou will seek

Only to feed the body

And ignore the spirit,

Thy spirit would weaken

And the body would suffer in pain;

For the body derives its strength

From the spirit within.

Thus I take the pause,

Which I so deprived my spirit.

Hoping that when I get on

With this journey of mine,

I would be well again.

And able to live that special gift

Of the very life in me.

(WP Daily Prompt: crisis)

God’s Abundance

They feast on the abundance of your house;

you give them drink from your river of delights.

Psalm 36:8 

God's abundance-spirituality-purpose

Your abundance, oh, God is true.

We believe in the abundance of your love,

Of your peace, of your understanding,

Of your wisdom, and of all things beautiful and pure.

Though our hearts may doubt,

It does not make Your promises untrue.

Teach us to believe;

Increase our faith,

That at last we may say:

Praise to You Lord, God

For filling our cups,

And make it overflow.

You provide our needs,

In You we lack nothing.


(WP Daily Prompt: feast)

Thorns In The Flesh


How I wish my thorns in the flesh are mere nightmares-

Would simply disappear when morning comes near.

No one would know they are there,

No one to make me remember.

At times they see my thorns.

At times they see my bloom.

It would be nice to be all bloom,

No thorns to prick others,

No thorns to prick me either.

For I am human and not a rose.

Expected to be beautiful and all.

But I do have thorns;

That may hurt you less but hurts me more.

I may hate it or deny it;

But it’s part of my nature.


(WP Daily Prompt: nightmare)


Never A Glass


Thank you God for molding me out of dust and not out of glass.

If it were so I would have been broken a long time ago,

Never to be mended,

Never to be reassembled.


And so I call on the broken-hearted,

And everyone whose world turned upside down.

We’re humans and not glass,

We may be broken and crushed;


Yet the Maker molded us,

Into someone very special-

To stretch and not break,

To pause and not stop.


And when things go beyond our capacities,

He is always willing to fix-

What seems to be broken,

‘Til it becomes new again.


(WP Daily Prompt: glass)