The Flame

The Flame

In deep slumber I was,

Lying at ease,

Carried by the humdrum

of everyday.

But life was such

an enigmatic beauty.

At first, it was a spark,

Followed by bursts of fire,

‘Til it became a flame—

A flame I could not extinguish.

On and on it burned.

Burned my peace,

And ignited a longing.

The rope of monotony snapped.

Okay,  I said finally.

Write I must,

But with a prayer I pleaded,

“Just please guide me God,

or else, the flame

would just die to naught.”



9 thoughts on “The Flame

  1. A lovely poem. May your flame continue to burn brightly. 🙂

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  2. Superb !Superb composition! !

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  3. I was reminded of the lyrics to a gospel song:
    Start a fire in my soul
    Fan the flame and make it grow
    So there’s no doubt or denying
    Let it burn so brightly
    That everyone around can see
    That it’s You, that it’s You that we need
    Start a fire in me

    I have no idea who wrote it or sang it … Good post Nezel.

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