We Have A Choice

finding the better choice


Because we always have a choice. Life is is full of choices. It is either—

to be sad or to be happy,

to be a slave or to be free,

to hate or to love,

to forgive or to resent,

to accept or to reject,

to get stuck or to move on…

The choices are endless. The good thing is, we now are on the age where almost everybody desires positive results over its counterpart. The struggle now is on the journey towards the quest for positivism and liberation from the bondage of negativism that has engulfed our consciousness for so long.

May we not waste this ability for us to choose. For it is our birthright.

Should we find ourselves caught between the fangs of doubts, hopelessness and discouragement along this quest, may we stay there only to rest. From there, may we move on forward. May we choose the much better option. Because….

We always have a choice.

purposivewriter - nezel yurong



8 thoughts on “We Have A Choice

  1. Just got a note from an old! Friend with a quote: “breath is spirit. The act of breathing is living.” Sounds simplistic till you think about it.☺️

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    • Your words are so very appropriate for today’s cultural climate. Our society is heavily divided. And no one is at fault other than those who choose to hate, reject outcomes and spread vitriol … regardless of political standings. Spot on: “May we not waste this ability for us to choose. For it is our birthright.” And that applies to our God-given abilities and as citizens of America.

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      • Thank you for this insightful comment. Yes, sometimes people forget to accept things beyond their control. Things may not happen our way, yet we are always left with a much better choice.


    • Breath is life. God breathe life into us and that makes us alive. Being much aware of our breath, makes us aware of that very life. Thanks for sharing the note!😊

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  2. Yes, & I have CHOSEN YOU for the Mystery Blog Award 🙂
    If you wish to accept, can click link for details

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