Smoke Gets In Her Eyes

Smoke gets in her eyes.

Smoke gets in my eyes,” my friend told me unabashedly as she wiped the tears away from her eyes. If we were grilling, I would have accepted that truth easily. But we were not. We were in the living room and not in the kitchen. It took minutes for my boggled mind to compose. Then I slowly realized the depth of what she was going through emotionally. Her pains just struck her somewhere and cause ‘smoke’ to get in her eyes.

How many times this situation happens to me too. A painful thought just flash before my mind, then ‘smoke gets in my eyes’. I am just thankful this happens seldom in my life now, except when I am in church with my mind, body and soul. ‘Smoke gets in my eyes’ easily.

How often do I used to escape to the comfort room or in my bedroom when I sense ‘smoke is getting in my eyes.’ The ‘smoke’ triggers are negative criticisms, backbiting, scolding, humiliating words and all kinds of negativeness thrown my way. But life is the school of hard knocks. The more you are beaten, the stronger you become. The more you rise, the more you gain wisdom.

I have beaten my ‘smoke’ triggers by expanding my mind, expanding my world and accepting everything to be just as it is. For many great teachers passed this way: Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha. After them the world still remains, full of pain and shame. BUT once a person has the WILL to follow their every teaching, that person becomes FREE. So why focus on the world outside that I have no control over when the world inside could be saved if I just WANT to? And by directing that inner world into the light, the world outside benefits from it in subtle ways. ‘Smoke’ triggers are then beaten slowly.

May you would be able to beat your ‘smoke’ triggers too.

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7 thoughts on “Smoke Gets In Her Eyes

  1. Really encouraging. ❤

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  3. Nezel, tears are in my culture the “windshield wipers of the soul.” They are a catharsis or releasing of some of the energy associated with the pain we feel.
    I am empathic and empathetic. Tears flow when I see pain in another person or creature.
    But I think if we feel the need to cry, we should let them flow. (Probably not in front of someone who hurt us on purpose though.)
    Healing and blessings to you.

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    • Thanks Joyful2bee for the additional insights. You are right, we should welcome tears in a positive way. After I published my post it was then I realized I failed to include that good side that tears bring. Yeah, it is the way to wipe away those pains. Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts. I, too, feel the same way. 😊 Blessings!

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  4. I admit, I tend to be more the type to try not to cry until I am truly alone. Because, honestly, I have felt crying makes me look week. Seeing this, reading it, makes me feel a little better as I am a sensitive person. Just knowing someone else knows exactly what I am going through, it is a comfort. Hiding tears, I know is not healthy, but sometimes…I just hate shedding them because sometimes it is through those same tears we learn who our real friends are.

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    • Yeah, it is in our weakest point where true friends show up. I, too, have not even cried in front of my true friends, yet they know how deeply the emotions are pressing me. And that’s make all the difference.


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