4 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. I was reminded of this [our very presence never goes unnoticed] when through a series of events, I ended up talking to a lady on the phone who I thought was a stranger about a business account at a previous place of employment. She stopped the conversation and asked me if I remembered her. I didn’t. She then proceeded to tell me that 15 years previous, when I had been working as a corporate consultant, when she was 8 months pregnant, without income because her husband had just left her, I convinced one of the presidents of an associated company to hire her immediately. She would work for him for a couple of weeks and then take maternity leave, be back to work afterwards and be the best personal assistant he ever had. She informed me that she was still there after several promotions. I vaguely remember the incident. My presence in that lady’s life made a difference in her future because I followed a small prompting from the Spirit of Jesus. Thanks for sharing that thought.

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    • Wow that was such a good experience! Truly, we never know how our presence or brief encounters lights up someone’s life. That’s a very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it here. 😊


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