What Is Your Answer?

What is your answer?

Does religious faith provide artificial answers to profound questions?

Stumbled upon this question on Quora and answered it my way. I know my answer is not the perfect one. It is just where I am standing on at the moment. You may also answer the same question differently. I believe, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It just defines where you are.

My answer:

I am a Roman Catholic by birth. Grew up with the tradition and made aware of God’s profundity by my born again Christian aunt. I, too, had questions of my faith and of the reality around me. Until I discovered a religion is just a group. True faith depends not on the group where you belong, or on the knowledge handed down to you. Knowledge is just learning with the mind, faith is learning with the heart.

For me, you alone could answer your own question, whether religious faith could provide an artificial answer to profound questions. For when we ask any question, we only want to be secure of the truth, of what ground we are standing on. We only want validity.

The profound questions I guess, are those which has no answers. You only need to experience them, grasp them, but could not put into words what their answers are made of. Every religious group has its ground. But human beings are not designed to fit to any structure provided by humans. Each of us has certain truths within our souls. No one has the autonomy of it. I need you. You need me. We need each other. Thus, it matters that we unite to learn what is it that keeps us united.

Whether you are in a religious group or not, as long as you continue to seek the answers to your profound questions, it would be given to you in the right time. Based on experience, some questions have answers, some don’t. There is no need to learn everything though. What matters is to live fully the short life given to you.

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6 thoughts on “What Is Your Answer?

  1. I love this post.💜

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  2. Very good, succinct and well constructed. It turns out my blog is quite similar to yours.

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  3. There are some questions. No one has replied to those questions to my satisfaction.

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