12 thoughts on “Ancient Wisdom

  1. Great idea. Our ancient sages told us that as long as we don’t ‘own’ anything, we don’t lose anything. That includes our loved ones also.

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  2. Superb words. Powerful!!!

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  3. God created everything and said, “It’s good.” Unfortunately we chose all those which not created by Him but created by ourselves which led us unhappiness for excessive indulgence into our own stuff…. If we look around and observe His created things and appreciate then we will be the most contented human being.

    For examples… if we appreciate the emotions, the characters of each other… if we observe the beautiful skylines, sea, natural beauty, animals, birds… I hope you got the idea.

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    • You’re right God created everything beautiful. Along with it, He created seasons and tides, everything in opposites to balance it all. It’s our approach to each tide of life that makes some things ‘unlikable’, because we each has our own version of what should be and what should not be. We forget that we have to flow with the tides, for we are not created for it. We have to go through it all, for all of it are just temporary.

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  4. Very true words, Thank you for following my blog ☺️

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  5. Wowwww that was amazing way of thinking 🙂 i never own unhappiness.. maybe god wants us to feel everything.. the feeling of being unwanted also

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