Subdued In Half

subdued in half

Subdued in half. Literally. I am typing now using the five fingers only of my left hand. Boy is it difficult. My right hand has been injured today. So my right five fingers have its day off. Hopefully, by tomorrow my right hand would be functioning well again.

Since writing is a daunting task for now, let me just entertain you with some of my cottage garden flowers. The orchids are a type of dendrobiums; while the rest are gumamela or rose of sharon.

May you have a great time!

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11 thoughts on “Subdued In Half

  1. Just beautiful 🙂

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  2. Those flowers are far from subdued!

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  3. I hope you get well soon…beautiful pictures here.

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  4. Lovely! Flowers add so much to our lives. Thank you for sharing .

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  5. Beautiful flowers! I hope your hand heals quickly!

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