A Bit Clumsy

a bit clumsyI thought I have passed through that clumsiness stage. The faltered steps, the bumps, the wounded knees, bruised foreheads were all experiences of a toddler. As I grew older, these experiences became lesser. Saved when I got pregnant with my two kids. Clumsiness is part of pregnancy, due to the changing center of gravity perhaps.

When we get older, I guess we will go back to being clumsy again. Just like my eighty-year old mother-in-law. She was walking on a flat surface; yet tipped over when she tried to take off the mud that stuck under her slippers, by rubbing it against the surface of the road. That little move caused her to lose her balance. We were just thankful she got only a bruised joint and no serious damage on her foot and leg.

My youngest son is now five years old. But I remained clumsy. Could you believe it? Actually, it is clumsiness in judgment that I am much guilty of. Clumsiness in actions is also a problem of other people, especially on the levels of competence. This made me to ask: Why did God create clumsy humans? Why did He not create, an all-careful human beings?

Of course, I have to answer my own questions in ways I understand. In reality, God did not create super humans. All because there is no point of having super powers when you are not destined to stay in this world forever.

Anyways, learning mindfulness may help in solving our clumsiness problems. For mindfulness helps us to focus more and concentrate more in what we do. WebMD also lays down a detailed study of clumsiness and how physical exercises can help to achieve more balance, stability and strength.

May you’re not that clumsy too.

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2 thoughts on “A Bit Clumsy

  1. I have burnt eggs put it to boil so many times… last time I burnt milk…. whole 2ltr … don’t ask me how I managed it…!! The whole house kept stinking after that for a week

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