Sometimes Jumping Is Fun, Other Times It Is Not


When was the last time I jumped?

In April I jumped down from a tree. I climbed a tree at the beach and posed for a photo. After that I had difficulty in climbing down. I slowly inched my way down and when I reached five feet from the ground, I jumped and got outbalance. I tipped over. Cautiously, I stood up and grateful enough the bones were still intact in its proper place and no bruises whatsoever. Perhaps, the yoga practice helped in my flexibility.

The second time I jumped was in May when we took a family photo in a beautiful background. We all jumped just for fun.

But hey! There is one jump that I always do and does it without awareness most of the time. It is not even fun. It is called jumping into conclusion. No matter how much I try to be mindful of what I do or think, my old self still manages to sneak out. I often slip. That embarrassment for thinking otherwise pushes me to get better the next time.

I could never be perfect I know. But it does not mean I should stop from my desire to grow and be enlightened. The rose has thorns; yet it blooms and emanates a fascinating fragrance. Slip happens. We need them; for they are the arrows that points us towards our destination. We just need to have the determination to start all over and over again. When we slip, it means we need to refresh our focus and then jump into the next level of awareness.

Have a purposeful day!


In response to WP Daily Prompt: jump. 

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