No Longer Two, But One


bound together

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” ~ Matthew 19:6

We are a blessing unto each one. Whether we are a spouse, a partner, or a friend. Most often we ask God to give us someone who could fulfill our needs. When that someone would come, we celebrate for the answered prayers. The days seem no longer the same as it used to be. But then, sometimes life is full of mockery. We wake up one morning and realize it is not answered prayers after all.

Is God playing with us? Most often the answer is not. All of us has gifts. We bring these gifts unto this world to share to everyone who needs it. There are gifts that are easy to open. We do not need any effort to open it. When we are lucky, the gift just lies on the table ready for our consumption. But then there are gifts which need much patience, much understanding in order to be opened. Others are even elusive that no matter how much we coach the bearer that we open it, the bearer would refuse. This would go on until we discover that it is not us who needs to receive the gift; it is us who has to give the greatest gift of unconditional love. This is what we often forget, that a relationship works best through reciprocity.

Sometimes too, we replenish ourselves by giving too much. Here, the equation is no longer proportional. It is here where abuse grows and take roots. Painful as it may seem, but the relationship has to end. With broken relationships, we often ask why God allow us to meet this not so perfect person, or why a relationship that begins so greatly has to end. We need not ask why. Great lessons are learned from failures and heartaches. From such broken relationships both parties learned something. After such failures, it is our duty unto ourselves to lick our wounds, call on for help from God most especially, and from others who have the capacity to help us without criticisms and harsh judgments. And we must never forget that we come in such a situation because it was our choice in the first place. The one who will help us pull ourselves through it is nobody but us.

Yet, there is one way in order to not fall into broken or harmful relationships. It is a fervent prayer for the right one to come. God would never fail a heartfelt prayer. For when the wrong person comes, it would be full of mishap even from the start. And when the right person comes, he or she is always in the right place at the right time. We would never misconstrue our own timing with God’s. For God is always right all the time. And He answers prayers all the time.

We just have to take note, that nobody is perfect just as we are imperfect. Perhaps there are some who married a saint; but most often our spouses bring with them weaknesses that we have to put up with. For in a great relationship, both parties grow together in sickness and in health, in lack or abundance till death do them part.

Have a purposeful day!


In response to WP Daily prompt: together.


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