Take Care: Fragile

take care: fragile

Imagine if you are walking along the street and all the people you meet wear a badge with the words written: Take Care. I am fragile. The nicer ones would probably take care; while the tougher ones would  say, “excuse me, it is not my duty to take care of your mood.”

Actually, human beings are all fragile. It is to the degree of controlling our emotions that we differ. Some are mature enough to just shake off the hurts and think that it is not themselves, but the person doing the hurting who is actually hurting. The weaker ones, the fragile little ones would sulk in silence; while the aggressive ones would fight back and bite the other with their sharp fangs.

We are born with this fragility in our bones. The Bible tells us to be strong and develop muscles that would strengthen our fragility. But it does not say, we are to sneer at the weaker species. It does say, if our brother asks us to go one mile, we should go with him two miles. If someone slaps our cheek, we are to give the other cheek. This instructions may seem difficult if we operate with a worldly mind. But if we ask to be enlightened by the mind of God, by how God’s nature works, God would willingly lead us to an understanding so deep we never comprehend why we do what we do.

Being fragile is no problem if we learn to call on God. He knows us so well, He promised to be always there for us if we but call on Him oftentimes.

Have a purposeful day!


In response to WP Daily Prompt: fragile.



6 thoughts on “Take Care: Fragile

  1. You are truly a purposive writer.. Your thoughts are great..

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  2. Yeah you are right, when someone hurts you it is not good to do some revange even if we are strong to fight back. Eye for eye and we would be all blind. I believe when we feel fragile, we can call to God and get strenght from him, as you say. The people that hurt us, they will experience something bad too. All the bad stuff they did to others wil come back to them. When something bad happen to me, I focus on doing good for others and believe better days will come to me.

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  3. Amazing! Superb writing indeed !

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