Sweet Reminder To The Little Warrior

sweet reminder to the warrior within

Been sitting on the bench of Pause for a while. Now it is time to give this little soul a small pampering. It may not be as much pampering; but a sweet reminder I need to feed to this a little bit perplexed soul.

Everything worth having is worth slogging for.

I am a warrior, a fighter, a survivor.

God did not place me here for an easy life. I am destined to work hard, play hard, in order to learn the lessons worth learning for. My character is strengthened not by winning but by the struggles along the way to winning the goal. It is in struggles that I grow the muscle. It is in slogging my way that I learn my capabilities.

Despondency, loneliness and frustration may shake me. But they are weak enough to destroy me. For my will is strengthened by constant small victories along the way.

Everything around me, may seem to distract me, especially when I give way to comparing myself with others. But, no. The battle is not about fame, material acquisitions and social acceptance. The battle is against principalities and notions that govern the thoughts of mankind.

The one who wins, is he who is able to stand on his ground without the applause of society. He is the one who is so wealthy within he does not need material wealth where moth and dust could corrupt. He has the most peaceful mind because his wealth could not be snatched away from him.

This is the kind of victory my soul aims for. This is the victory I work my way into. It could be lonesome out there because only few are aware enough to choose this kind of battle. But then, I still have to go on, for only then can I be free; only then can the world let go of me; only then can my spirit soar!

It is now time to go on. To victory this little warrior march.

A response to WP Daily Prompt: slog.



2 thoughts on “Sweet Reminder To The Little Warrior

  1. Do not compare yourself with others. You may not see the hard days and darkness they are hiding, so you think they got things done easily and faster then you. I adore you! You are brave and determinate fighter. When you put your mind into something, you just keep trying until you get it done. So keep fighting. You are amazing 🙂

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