Ideal Personality Traits

my ideal personality trait

Have you seen the first Pixar film Brave? It is a 3D computer generated movie about a princess named Merida, who was given a bow and arrow by her father, King Fergus. Merida used those to win her own hand because she did not want to get married by any prince who would win the bow and arrow competition.

Anyway, among the characters of that movie, what I loved most was the character of Merida’s mother, Queen Elinor. Queen Elinor was your ideal queen whose demeanor was so perfect and able to handle the worst of all situations well. In short, she was never perplexed whatsoever. I wonder if that personality trait is very much required of queens? And that is one personality trait I long to have.

To my dismay, I found out a personality trait could never be changed that easily. Because each of us falls under different personality types. These personality traits are what we are born with. It is also said that some of our personality traits are molded by our environment. In short, we act in a certain way because that is what the situation calls for. Even if, deep inside we are not that inspired to be that person we are showing ourselves to be.

Also nobody gets perfect because of his or her personality type. Each personality type has its strengths and weaknesses. That is why, each of us needs to improve ourselves to become a well-rounded individual. Take note there is now what we call emotional intelligence. This is one yardstick that shows whether we have found the right balance in our traits or not. If there is a certain trait that we want to own and which we believe could make us happy, we can learn to practice that trait in order to strengthen our shadow traits.

As for me, the personality trait I want to learn is that of being wise like the Dalai Lama. That trait that is so compose, so well-grounded, so strong deep within and could never be perplexed no matter what obstacles that are to come. Does this describes of faith on to something? I just remember this is a trait of most of the saints and believers. I guess so.

Well then, I can only sum it all up in eight words: I need to increase my faith in God. Here, perplexity could never bother me anymore. And with prayers granted, God could blessed me with traits I needed most in my journey towards fulfilling my destiny.

Have a great day!


In response to WP Daily Prompt: perplexed.




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