Where’s The Zing?

Where’s the zing?

Most days I am good. Some I am not. Where’s the zing?

Been looking. Been praying. Where’s the zing?

I have looked beneath my skin.

I have opened my eyes wide.

Where’s the zing?

I slowly panicked. Afraid, I would not see it.

Where’s the zing?

I tried to reach the greatest heights;

I peeked through the deepest pit.

Where’s the zing?

Do you have it hanging down your neck.

Or have it dangling down your ears?

Have you hid it inside a box,

And throw the box to the deepest sea?

Would you give me back my zing.

That thing that makes me shout, “Amazing!”

Hand me back my zing,

That my heart would start to sing.

If you have it,

In the comments just let me know.

7 thoughts on “Where’s The Zing?

  1. I wrote about that kind of “zing” I guess. If you want to know where you can found it, check my last post 🙂

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  2. Get back your zing;
    Or better still,
    Generate a new zing;
    You have finally given me an idea for my post on this prompt. Thank you.

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  3. You have to snatch your zing from this world….or better as Ngobesing suggested create your own zing…nice way of looking for zing…

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