Just Begin

just begin

How to bounce back? Generate a new zing!

My mind was still bobbling in front of my keyboard. For the first time in months I have stopped posting for four days in a row. The flu left me with a weak mind and body. Then came this “zing” prompt. I felt the fate had mocked me. I did not have it, and then I was prompted to write something about it? I was left with no choice but wrote about that zing that gone awry. I was just so glad for my online friends who cared to comment, specifically Sir Ngobesing Romanus and Vanessina. I just have a glimpse of my zing! That’s good news for my little weary soul.

What am I to do now? Follow the zing! My other online friend Petra Omoregie Caroline invited me to join the FB group 30 Day Blogging Challenge. In there the member has to accept the challenge of blogging for 30 days. I know I have been blogging longer than that on a daily basis, so that might be less of a challenge for me. But, the fact that I’d be on a different platform, with different audience is the challenging thing. And that’s where a new zing enters.

Actually, this post is going to be my first entry. It would be proper to thank the founder of the group Sarah Arrow for accepting me. Thank you Sarah! How generous it is of you to help us be seen in the group.

Sarah further gave suggestions on what to write on our post through our welcome email. Among the thirty options, I have not chosen one yet. It still this wobbling mind. But, I do not have to dwell on that yet. What matters most is, I have started. Yes, it is zing enough for me. In every undertaking, the only primary requirement we need is the will to start. By starting, I have defeated my lazy, fearful self who loves to hide in my comfort zone. One post done, twenty-nine more to go. Thanks to this zing. (winks *_^)

Have a zing-ful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: zing)


2 thoughts on “Just Begin

  1. Well done on your first post for your new challenge. I wish you fast recovery and hopefuly you will get lots and lots of good new zing in the new group. 🙂

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