In the Rio Olympics, I have watched how athletes perform the individual sports of their choice. One sport I watched was the javelin throw. I watched in awe as the different athletes threw in what they’ve got. However, no matter the time and effort spent for the preparation, lapses happen. One athlete poised to start, determined to get the goal. She ran as fast in order to throw the javelin the farthest. But midway the momentum started to fade. She slowed, stopped and threw her arms in surrender. She lost her calculation. She lost her chance of gold.

At this point, I felt I was that athlete. I had the goal. I knew the strategy. Only that I just lost my momentum. I felt I was “stumpified.” That situation where you felt you were like a tree, ready to bear fruit that would be consumed by the people who hungered for it. But then a cruel woodcutter came and cut the tree down, leaving only a two-foot stump. I was that stump.

The best thing to do now is to start from the beginning, to where the momentum usually is born. A live stump still is able to grow shoots. Those shoots still could produce fruit in the right time. And the good thing with life is that, there is no such thing as too late. I can always start whenever I am ready. There are just obstacles I have to hurdle. Things may happen not according to how I want them to be, yet still I am able to make them happen in the rightest time. In God’s time.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily prompt: stump)


2 thoughts on ““Stumpified”

  1. A beautiful analogy. Thank you.

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