Bouncing Back

bouncing back from illness

I am so glad to be back on my keyboard after five days of hibernation. Actually, I got sick with flu. Everybody in the family had it one after the other. I was the third to have it and my eldest son was last. It was due to the drastic change in our weather condition. The day would start out so hot; but at noontime a heavy rainfall would pour. At other days it is the other way round. This is one result of the climate change that is happening in our world right now. We actually could not feel it much, but when something happens we become aware again.

I could have been back soon if it were just fever. What made the matters worse was, the medicine that I took triggered my acid re-flux. Which means it was quite an ordeal for me. Just so glad that was over. To think, I did not consult my doctor again. I dreaded taking doctor-prescribed medicines, honestly. What I did was took some over-the-counter medicines (to lower the fever and ease body pains) sipped ginger root tea, limited my food intake to small amounts with much fruits and veggies, did meditation and prayed hard.

I feel that my inner battery have not been recharged one hundred percent yet, so I am taking things slowly a bit until it would be full.

These are the following things I need to do to regain my energy back faster:

  1. Continue eating the right food that heals like fruits and veggies and avoid foods that take much time to digest like pasta, processed and bread.
  2. Hydrate myself with lots and lots of water to flush the toxins out of my body and keep the lymph fluid flowing properly.
  3. Get back to exercise again. Perhaps I would limit my stretches because my acidity have not yet normalized. And yeah, need to do that morning walk.
  4. Do deep breathing especially in the morning.

Hopefully, soon I would be able to do all the things in my priority list. But still I need to be flexible. My body is the boss at this point in time.

Have a purposeful day!


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10 thoughts on “Bouncing Back

  1. I hope you feel better soon, I suffer in the same way but I did not realise that fruit helped ! I avoid it because of the acidity 🤔

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  2. Hope you to be back in your strides quickly…keep blogging now..

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  3. Hope you feel better quickly.

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  4. Sounds like a plan. Get well soon and back to blogging

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  5. Get well soon. We missed you. I will be thinking abou you, hopefuly you will get your energy back soon.

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