Bleeding Hearts: Creation Story Written Along The Sidewalk Of Life’s Superhighway

creation story

A story of creation from my imagination.

We learned so much about the realities of life along the streets. In my journey, I have my bits and pieces of thoughts that resulted in a story that I am about to share with you. Here it is:

Once upon a time God roamed alone in the vastness of the universe. He knew He has powers. So He called for light; and there was light. He then created the sky, the land, the sea, and everything in it. He saw His creation was perfect. He said: I need to create something in my image. So He created man. Still was not satisfied, He created woman. Because He loved them both, He created a perfect garden just for them.

Only that in God’s creation there was something that was imperfect; or should I say a factory defect? It was called the serpent. That creepy thing managed to tempt the first man and woman. Eventually, they disobeyed God’s command and fell into sin.

When God discovered it, He was displeased. What would He do? He could not disposed of the two. How can they be made perfect again? Then God got an idea. He said to Himself: It may hurt me to look at them this way; yet this is the only solution I see to make them perfect again. To make them one with me again. This is a process they need to pass through. And no matter what happened I would still be always with them along the way.

God then called on the two. After He had spoken to them, they bleed deep within and felt their journey would be filled with suffering.

This was what God did:

His words pierced through their hearts, the reason why it bleed. But, God did that for the reason of healing. God was such a great designer. During the creation, He designed the heart of man and woman to be perfect and whole. There inside it is God’s love and light hidden deep within. Because of their sin, God wanted man and woman to connect with Him and be one with him again. That could only happen if the heart of man and woman be pierced that the love and light inside could come out. So, God had no other choice than pierced their hearts that they may desire for oneness with Him again. The most beautiful thing is, the more man and woman call on Him, the greater their light deep within. And the more the heart bleeds, the more it has an opportunity to get healed, to show love, to share God’s light.

Thus, a heart that bleeds is the number one requirement of salvation. We are here because of the story of creation. We are here not for our own story alone. We need to bleed. We need to cry. God gave us one thing though, to make it through the journey much easier. It is focus. We need to focus on His light. We need to focus on what we could become after our every pain. Finally, we need not focus on the pains; rather on the promises of God that we will be healed if we always call on His name.

However, there is that one thing that we should be wary about. Because our hearts already have holes and wounds, negativity could easily creep through it. If we ignore God and go on our own ways, it may poison our hearts and even our souls. It is only focusing on God’s light that we shun negativity away.

Our salvation lies in the story of creation. If we have faith, it is good to believe that we could still be one with God by calling on Him endlessly. Pains, sufferings, hurts, wounds are what we must go through the sidewalk along life’s superhighway. They are not put their for no reason. These are not enemies that we need to avoid. These are enemies that we need to face and conquer with bleeding hearts and all. Anyway, God is very faithful to His promises. Many souls before us had done it. We could do it too!

Have a purposeful day!


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