Spiritual Journey (Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge:Day 29)

Caroline's 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge

My plan for this morning was to take a forty-minute walk and take sunrise photo. However, my little darling has had fever again. Consequently, I had a sleepless night. I woke up at around 6:30 in the morning and was so tired to get up. I stayed on the bed for a longer time. At 7:00 I got up and treated myself with a cup of coffee. I went outside to catch some fresh air and soaked myself in the freshness of the morning.

As I sat quietly outside, I felt the sunlight fell upon me. A thought dawned on me to get a photo of my cup under the sunlight. From there I was inspired to get photos of the blooming flowers where the sunlight fell too. I felt a bit energetic after I have done what I loved to do.

Caroline's 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge

I am now on my twenty-ninth day! I felt so blessed to have arrived here.

Months ago, I saw on the national television show a host telling that an age that has a nine on it, is a critical age. It is a year that requires much prayer for the one having such number of his age. I then got the idea to search online what the number 29 means. One site, Angel Numbers says number 2 brings Divine life purpose and soul mission. Number 9 resonates spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

Caroline's 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge

It further states Angel Number 29 is a message from your angels. Some of these messages are the following:

  • that you are to have faith in yourself and your angels as they are encouraging and supporting you in your spiritual endeavours. Trust that you have all the skills and abilities required to fulfill your Divine soul mission and life purpose so be prepared to serve others with humility and heart.
  • to have faith and trust in your intuitive messages and impressions as these messages and promptings are urging you towards and along your Divine life path and soul mission. Take positive action in the direction of your intuitive and angelic guidance, and look to ways of achieving small goals on a daily basis to reach your spiritual potential.
  • that you are to take positive action in the direction of your Divine life path and purpose as your natural lightworking abilities are much needed by others and the world as a whole. Trust that you have all the tools and talents you need to fulfill your destiny soul mission.
  • if you are inclined to pursue a spiritually-based practice, career and/or profession, now is a most auspicious time to begin. It is time to accept and develop your spiritual gifts and use them to benefit yourself and others in a lightworking capacity.

One of the reasons why I shared these messages here, is because I felt this is the sixth sign I received from God. I am now in the middle of a spiritual discernment. And for four days in a row I have been receiving the same messages from different people and from different things. I feel after completing Caroline’s challenge I would be embarking on a new, much challenging journey. I considered my participation in the challenge a foundation of something bigger that God prepared for me.

With that, I love much what AmazingWord has to say. This site tries to interpret the Bible pattern, number and symbolism. It has historical explanation of every number that contains the number 9 in the Bible, much of which are the verses. Let me share an excerpt from the site:

The number 29 in the Bible is very consistently related to the symbolism of the return of the Lord when he comes to free his people. As impossible as it sounds, the Bible’s DNA like perfection in numbering reveals that chapter and verse numbers of the Bible can be taken together to have a direct correspondence to messages contained in the text. I often look for common patterns in like referenced verses to understand a number’s symbolism. Since I have found many historic dates that seem to have numbers that associate to those same numbers in Biblical symbolism, I recently decided to look at the Bible’s nineteen verses that have chapter and verse 11:29 to see if their theme somehow relates to the 11/29/1947 date when Israel took their first step to become a nation. The evidence of these verses being symbolically related to this historic event seems compelling and this article will hopefully demonstrate this possibility. On November 29th, it appears God was clearing the way for Israel to become a nation, and in the Bible’s 11:29 verses we see many instances where the Lord seems to be, in various ways, calling and delivering his people.

It also cites 19 verses, having a reference of chapter 11, verse 29. Among those verses, this is what I love the most:  Deu 11:29 “It shall come about, when the LORD your God brings you into the land where you are entering to possess it… (The Lord leading the people out of bondage…to save them).

Thus, I am so much grateful to have come this far. May I taste God’s deliverance and enter into the Land of Promise flowing with milk and honey.

Have a purposeful day!


(You may visit Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge here.)



4 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey (Caroline’s 30 Days Sunrise Photo And Health Challenge:Day 29)

  1. Love this, I am 59 ! I love Angels too and I intend to do some blog on them, thanks for sharing. I can’t find anywhere on your site to press like? I do use Facebook 🙄

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  2. Beautiful flowers!!! You are so lucky to have such beauty near you. Its amazing idea to take picture of your morning cup with the flower. The sun reflecting on it makes the photo truly magical. Well done!! Its also very interesting read. Love your article today!

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