What If It Is Right?


When I was younger, I used to believe the obstacles that stand before a smooth-sailing journey lie outside of me. Now, that I am a little bit older things slowly took a detour. I realized, the outside struggles are just a result of the struggles within. All because I keep on feeding a monster inside of me. The monster has a name. It is called ego.

This monster is what prevents me from reaching out to my deepest self. Sometimes it even mimics the voice of God. Sadly, I am often fooled by its mask. This is now the battle I am facing deep within. One scenario is, when I have a feeling that God wants me to do something. My initial reaction is then one of doubt. Then there is that voice that says, “Do you think it is really God speaking to you? Maybe it is only yourself that wants to do it. Maybe you only want recognition.” This is a very close battle of the Will. Most often than not, I ended up not doing anything at all. This is safer then.

It requires much effort and and a million ton of faith to jump off the cliff when God tells me so. Yeah, God knows best. There is no need to overthink everything. I just have to close my eyes and get the thing done. Yet, until now, the ego is whispering in my ears non-stop: What if you fail? What if all your efforts would just vanish like bubbles? What if people would just laugh at you? What if?????….

Okay, ego just speak. Every time my Will says no to you, you are making it stronger. The stronger my Will, the weaker you’d become. 

Such is the battle that has no end. May God never leave me until I win. May God never leave us until we all win.

Have a purposeful day.


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7 thoughts on “What If It Is Right?

  1. Always take a deep breath and ask yourself the question, should I really do or say this. Listen to you gut, it does not deceive you, then you will conquer your ego.

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  2. The holy spirit will guide us if we listen closely. Good topic, thank you for thus.

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