Passing The Test


Education is basic to human beings. At three years young we are sent to school to study. On and on it goes. Every year, we go to a higher level. But before stepping on this higher level of learning we have to pass examinations and tests. If we pass, we are allowed to the higher level. If we don’t we will remain at that level until we master and pass that level are we allowed to the next. And last of all, we obtain our degrees and titles if we pass the ultimate examinations appropriate for our chosen fields.
The same holds true with life. At a young age, we undergo the hardships of learning to walk and fall. Our learning goes on and on until we no longer need our parents to assist us in our motor development. There are other parts that we have to develop, like the emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects. We learn these things as we grow older. Here, obstacles and problems are our tests. The hard part, there are no specific and exact theories that we could use in order to solve such problems. We derive the solutions from our experiences, learnings, influences, judgments and guts. Some work. Some don’t.

Here, we start to question life for not giving us what we ask. Here, is the crucial part of us becoming a saint or a sinner, a mystic or a mistake, a victim or a victor. Here, is the very reason why Jesus died for us. Here, is our spirituality tested to pass or fail.
Most of us are wired to hate problems and obstacles; because we believe that a happy and peaceful life is one where obstacles and problems are absent. We are wired to believe that peace and happiness do not co-exist with tribulations. We are wired to always put everything in order that we may become happy and be at peace.
In the process we forget that nature is compose of night and day, sun and rain, life and death. How can we know what peace is, if we haven’t known what crisis is? How would the grass grow if it’s only the sun that is shining forever not giving way to the rain? We need both worlds. We strive to both worlds. So why complain for the tests, the obstacles? We need to learn. It is the only way for us to learn and grow. Life is never unfair. We need only to use what has been ingrained in our being by our Maker. We need these tests to pass. We need these tests to earn the degree of a well-lived and fulfilled life. We need these tests to enjoy the glory of God.
Jesus has done His part and pass the test. On our part, difficult as it may seem, we need to do our part and hurdle over these obstacles. There are still vacancy in the ranks of saints, recognized or not. Let us claim ours.

Have a purposeful day!


(WP Daily Prompt: learning)

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